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Topic Subject:Dutch DS2 Preview
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posted 05-29-04 05:46 PM EDT (US)         
Once again, Berend has been nice enough to translate a Dutch Dungeon Siege 2 article for us, and it comes with some new information!


Dungeon Siege 2

Dungeon Siege is an excellent 3D hack & slash game from GasPowered Games, the game company founded by Chris Taylor, known for Total Annihilation. Dungeon Siege sold more than one million copies and made the fans look forward to more. And thatís what they will get.

And not just a little bit more. The fans will receive a lot more. Dungeon Siege 2 is coming and this sequel will erase all the weak points of the original. For Dungeon Siege was certainly not perfect. Party members did not have a skill trees and the quests were often very meagrely constructed (kill this or that and return), and often made the horde of enemies into repetitive battles. This is all history. Dungeon Siege 2 will primarily a hack & slash game, but the RPG-elements will be greatly enhanced. Characters that join your party raise their levels and have a skill tree. You can decide how a character evolves. Like for a Fighter, for example, you can choose if he should specialise in Sword & Shield, Two-Handed Weapons or Dual Wielding (fighting with two weapons at the same time). Once your characters gain a higher level, they are capable to learn Hero Powers. These Hero Powers are so powerful that they can decide a battle, but you can only use them a few times so the best thing you can do is save them till you meet a Level Boss. In your party there can be a maximum of six characters, all having a background, a voice spoken by a professional voice actor, and will of their own. Party members will often disagree with each other and can even fight each other. GasPowered Games isnít silent about how they hope to equal the classic Bioware games like Baldurís Gate 2. Donít like having humanoid party members? No panic. You can buy pets in this game. These are companions that will travel with you and fight the enemy. Like for example buy a Fire Elemental who throws fireballs at your enemies and increases the Fire Resistance of your party. Nice to know is that you can evolve your pet by feeding it magical items. Your pet will not only increase strength but will also take over the magical abilities of the item. Besides from a far improved party, which you have control how they grow, an intriguing story and a greatly improved quest system, you also get this sequel presented by an improved Dungeon Siege engine. The engine has been updated to DirectX 9 and the engine responsible for the special effects was completely rewritten, which means greatly improved graphical effects. The detail of the 3D models has been greatly increased and also the surroundings look a whole lot more realistic. The world of Dungeon Siege 2 is more alive by the many characters and animals that inhabit the world. To give an example: During the game you will come across villagers that are rebelling against a local tyrant. The surroundings will also include more interactive elements. Are you bothered by the wooden guard tower filled with archers? Light it up with fire and watch how it slowly but surely burns down completely until only a little pile of black scorched wood is left.

Lighting buildings on fire? Sounds highly interesting!

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