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Topic Subject:Possibility of multiple summons forming a party?
posted 12-31-04 07:20 PM EDT (US)         
Now, here is a question. Can you summon Elementals and level them, and then nix the Human/giant/elf party?
Because frankly that would be amazingly cool!
and to add to that... Any chance to play with the different NPCs they have built up on the site as main characters? or will they be still more cannon fodder?
I still vote we should be able to train up a character and it's cohorts then play again as another side to the battle just fought. (grins and prays and hopes again that a game development type person will hear!) Think, we know it won't just be Krug and co; there are Human enemies! I want to be able to fight my hero with a villan! oh! even better! an evil campaign playable in Multiplayer... then you could have two friends or groups try and win a campaign together and against each other. As no matter how inteligent, Krug are not human in thought.

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posted 01-01-05 09:38 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
I believe GPG confirmed that an all-summon party CAN be done, and even recommend it for a nice change of pace.
In the old DS, you could disband any character you wished, including the main one, i'm sure that hasn't changed, so i think you will be able to continue with your "cannon fodder".

As to your request to play the villain, i always thought i could have beaten that party of mine easily had i been Gom.

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posted 01-11-05 04:40 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Well, to clarify some things.

Pets, like the fire elemental, are not summoned. They are bought, from the pet shops, very similar to the Packmule of the original game. (in fact I think the Packmule might very well count as one of the pets in DS2)

GPG has stated that playing through the game with all pets could be a fun difference from the usual game, but if they mean playing with 100% pets or if you still need one human/dryad/elf/half-giant character, I do not know. After all, could you expect a fire elemental, or a packmule even, to be able to talk with NPCs?

Summoned creatures should still work the same as in DS1, that is, you can have one per character capabel of summoning an animal at any one time, and they don't show up with portraits.

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