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Topic Subject:solo nature mage?
posted 11-22-06 04:57 PM EDT (US)         
Has anyone tried to build a solo nature mage?

I've recently been into build solo's, but ones that are a challenge. I built a two-hander based on the whirling strike skill, but became bored at about level 55 with it.

Then I started CM, I'm afriad I'm losing interest in it as well.

Has anyone tried or had success with a NM? or would they just not put out enough damage?

I'm thinking about taking enough CM to pump brillance, some debillitation for the drown curse, and later quickened casting. Some Melee for toughness, and one level of ranged for some dodge.

Not sure which power to use...

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posted 11-22-06 07:50 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
Take melee lvl 1 for the extra health % (Fortitude).
Ranged 5 for the melee/ranged dodge and added resistance % (Dodge & Survival).

Then finally top it all off with the nature mages lvl 31 skills: Bond and magic absorbtion skill.

Personally I really like the summon pet and it's provoke or AoE power.

Boost his HP and with the bond that transfers damage from you to your pet *including* all those earlier skills mentioned and you will become a near invincible mage.

Not massive damage perhaps but you won't get one shotted anytime soon.

posted 11-22-06 08:30 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
The nature mage's greatest offensive strength lies in the ability to slow down, immobilise and freeze enemies in place. Freezing also works on monsters that are resistant or invulnerable to ice.

While a NM may not have the best ability to damage the enemy, their ability to heal themeslves more efficiently, protect themselves with their buffs and prevent monsters from attacking makes them extremely powerful in their own way. You'd just need to have a bit of patience as battles would take a little longer to win... At least until you get Grasping Vines at level 34. That spell can turn a NM into an offensive powerhouse, as well as immobilising enemies for 15 seconds.

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