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Topic Subject:what pet for a ranger ?
posted 11-27-06 08:31 AM EDT (US)         
I begin the game with one ranger + a wolf. I made the mistake to feed him with weapons whereas i use it mainly as meat shield. Anyway it works rather well but i plan to test other pets.

To your mind are the other pets useful for a ranger, espiecially have they good emanations, spells, powers ?
A priori, i will take a meelee pet but maybe other pets are able to stop or slow mobs. Any suggestions ?

Cobra the Mediocre
(id: The_Cobra_81)
posted 11-27-06 04:43 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Welcome! I see you just registered today.

I'm going to suggest the mithrilhorn as soon as you can obtain it (you have to go through a quest like for the Dire Wolf). Any enemy it claws instantly becomes angry at the mithrilhorn rather than at your ranger. It also has the equivalent of a Provoke power. In terms of a meat shield, I think the mithrilhorn is top of the line.

On the subject of magic-using pets, I like the necrolithid or lap dragon too, if you want a cursing or buffing pet. Either of the two Naiads could be useful if you're short a healer.

It's important to remember that pets will, at some point, be outclassed by human characters, who can continue to use skill points while pets will be limited to their mature growth stage. This, of course, may be what you're aiming for, though, to make the game a bit trickier.

Cobra the Mediocre
SteadilY working up to Average
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posted 11-28-06 04:22 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
My personal favourite when it comes to pets is the Lap Dragon (available in Kalrathia). The dragon is a hard to raise but very rewarding pet. It's autocast buff spell (Dragon Scales) starts off giving curse immunity, then adds lightning and death resistance, and then adds a bonus to power recharge rate. It's power (Draconic Inspiration) gives a great damage bonus to any powers used after it, and this can be very helpful for rangers as the ranger powers in the game aren't quite as damaging as those available to fighters and combat mages. And finally, it's emanation is unique (I forget the name offhand). While the emanations of the other pets give a fixed bonus, the bonus to your attributes offered by the Lap Dragon's emanation keeps growing as the dragon levels up with you. Over time, the Lap Dragon goes from being an expensive but lacklustre pet to being possibly the most beneficial pet in the game, depending on playing style.

Also, as Cobra said, if you want your pet to be your tank then the Mythrilhorn is second to none. A very good investment, even though it isn't quite as versatile as a humanoid character. However, one downside of having a melee pet with a ranger is that it is all too easy for the ranger and the pet to become too far apart in combat, making the ranger lose whatever benefits that the pet's emanation confers.

And finally, another pet you may want to consider is the Scorpion Queen. The emanation that the Scorpion Queen gains allows you to evade attacks, and is also the only ability that allows you to evade incoming magic attacks. The Scorpion Queen's attack range is also very impressive, allowing you to stay in range of her and her emanation even if you've been pumping Far Shot to increase your own range.

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posted 11-29-06 01:02 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
The mithrilhorn sounds great and i will go and test it as soon as it will be available. On the other hand I realized that the key stat in this game is the armor factor. Therefore I changed my equipement and things were easier for my ranger. So a melee pet is not so essential now. For the moment ll take the lap dragon for fun and for its power recharge rate. Thanks for your advice.

Iam surprised when you say the ranger powers are less efficient than other ones. I am currently using charged shot at lvl 1 and its very useful to me

KillerGremal DS2
posted 11-29-06 02:24 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
Just to pick up some inputs about the official pets:

The Lap dragon is a remarkable and funny pet, but specially for big parties its 'quadro-buff spell' achieves a cheat-like influence on the gameplay.
People should keep in mind that man players have got the impression that veteran and elite mode are be much easier than mercenary, and exactly at the beginning of veteran game mode the Lap Dragon becomes mature.

Naiads make the game quite easy too - well if you like that there is nothing to say against these types of pets.
There is only a little bug in DS2(BW): If all human chars are knocked down or dead in Singleplayer only the game engine calls you defeated and forces you to respawn, sadly it does not matter if your Naiad is a live and could heal/resurrect you.

About the Scorpion, of course i know there is a related remark on the DS2 HeavenGames pet guide (generally very nice done) but I have doubts that the evade/dogde emanation will help you to dodge magical attacks. At least the game code (spl_pet_auras.gas, components.gas & rules.skrit) do not support that assumption.
Unfortunately my own practice experience is rather low since i have stopped using Scorpions in particular because they often try to shot through/into walls.

The Mythrilhorn would be the right blocker pet specially in Broken World and when you feed only armors (note, regardless of lessen 42 the Mythrilhorn's damage won't increase if you feed weapons).
In original DS2 the situation is even more controversy: If you feed only armor then the Mythrilhorn misses at the end some armor bonuses, because if you experimentally would feed weapons only there will be 2x +10% armor more. Bug or feature - i don't know, however a pure predicament.

posted 12-20-06 09:36 AM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
Light Naiad > all

you can get it by beating all the monstarz benath amanlu inn

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