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Topic Subject:Solo Nature Mage and Most Powerful Summon
posted 12-24-06 09:04 AM EDT (US)         
After reading a topic about a soloing nature mage (posted by binglybert) I finally thought about going solo in DSII. I had a Ranger (main char) and the 3 other classes, which was all good etc, but I wanted a challenge.

After reading endless solo topics, especially with Ranger, CM and Melee, I grew tired and thought that NM had been shunted from the soloing ranks.

However like BMJedi had found out, I put a few points in CM and the Orb is just devastating, sure it's not the most powerful of powers but when it comes to mobs and mini-bosses.

At the moment I use my summoned pet here and there, just for fun more than anything- I'm a level 18 N.Mage and have put a few skill points in Summon Creature buffs, I was wondering what is the most powerful Summon Creature, they all some useless ofcourse to a pet but I thought a summoned creature was still in the boundaries of soloing, if not please tell me.

Also is it any use in putting points in summoning? I thought it would work nicely especially with the CM skill tree associated with the buffing of a Summoned Creature.


posted 12-25-06 11:52 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
A solo Nature Mage can perform just as well as any other solo character and perhaps even better, at some points in the game.
Yes the Energy Orb is powerful but it's not a NM power is it?
I use Cold Snap for non-cold resistant mobs (Cold Snap has a hidden +2 sec freeze duration bonus ) and Ripple for cold resistant mobs. Both spells, when used in conjunction with Gravity Stone (yes, textbook stuff really!) keep you and your summon safe from harm and your enemies constantly stunned/frozen. On higher character levels, with the right gear, your Gravity Stone power recharges almost instantly, allowing you to either recast it and keep your enemies stunned or cast Aether Blast (one of the most devastating powers in the game) and finish them off. As for powerful bosses, Encase will be your spell of choice, since it allows you to heal your summon between their attacks. I took out the Archmage using just 1 Scorpion and Encase.
The most powerful summoned creature? Well that depends on the enemies you'll be facing. If it's monsters dealing massive physical damage, you'll want a summon with high armour (like a Rhinock or a Ketril), if it's a combination of magic and physical damage your best choice would be either a Bracken Defender or a Forest Golem and if it's massive magic damage the Scorpion is the best. Its innate magic resistance along with Spirit Embrace render it virtually invincible.
Investing points in Summoning is well worth it, especially because you get access to Aether Blast. A NM with a powerful summoned creature and Aether Blast is more than just a force to be reckoned with. As for pets>summoned I just don't agree. Sure, summoned creatures could use a better A.I. (I wish they would behave like the summoned creatures in MageWorld!), but the fact alone that they give you Aether Blast puts them right on top of the list when it comes to powerful companions for your character...
The CM skill "Summon Alacrity" is excellent and well worth the 20 points you'll invest in it. A summoned Lertisk with maximized Summon Alacrity is sheer carnage!
In fact, despite its low armour/health, a Lertisk is the only summoned creature I use since thanks to Gravity Stone, Cold Snap and Encase, it rarely gets killed (I'll have to be careless).
And don't forget NMs also have Grasping Vine, another crippling, massive (physical) damage spell.
In short, Nature Mages rule. Again, much like the CM-Melee hybrid that I introduced in this forum I stopped playing with my level 50 Nature Mage because the game had become too easy.
Oh and, 4 crafted rings with +56 to Intelligence really help a lot (just keep them in your inventory and wear them when summoning-you get to summon creatures at max health/damage ).
posted 12-29-06 04:23 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
That's brilliant thanks for all your help. I didn't think much of Cold Snap when I first started using it and found "Cold Beam" or something along those lines, deadly.

I'm wearing as much equipment with mana regen. in it, to have a continous flow of mana, is this worth it or should i just invest in +int or +armour?

And thanks for the help.

posted 12-29-06 05:21 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
Considering that nature mages eventually reduce their spell costs to practically nothing anyway, my personal preference would be to go for equipment that offers more INT and armor.

Another thing you may want to try to help keep your mana levels high is a mana steal on your equipment. I found that option worked extremely well for a combat mage (only starting to make a dent in the mana pool while casting Impale and Lightning Blast), so theoretically it should be extremely useful for nature mages too.

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