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Topic Subject:Files corrupting
posted 05-18-07 09:37 AM EDT (US)         
Playing DS2 - BW not installed. No mods.

All of a sudden my saves are corrupting. If I release Vix to the inn, hire a quest character at the inn (say Finala), complete the last part of the quest, then send her to the inn, I can't get my original (Vix) character back. His face icon is there but the stats are someone else (Lothar, for example).

This just started happening. I am on Veteran level. It didn't happen on mercenary.

The "radar" save file gets really small (from 158 to 1 or 3).

I can usually get my original party back by finding a save but of course, I can't clean up the unfinished quests (like Amren and Finala and Evageline).

1) Why does this happen?

2) What is the "radar" file? (You seem to be able to match any party file with any radar file and it works!)

posted 05-18-07 05:02 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
1. It's a known bug with DS2, and there's no fix... sorry. The only known workaround is using a backup save (if you have one) and hope it doesn't happen again... no guarantees.

2. AFAIK, it's just the discovered radar mini-map for the most recently played map. If you use a different map and then return to the original map then it's wiped clean (everything looks unexplored).

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