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Dungeon Siege II: Broken World
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Topic Subject:Few questions
posted 11-16-06 01:32 PM EDT (US)         
Hello guys,

I've got a few questions about BW.
I played DS2 a long time ago and have no saves or anything.

1) Can you play/level up BW from the start or do you have to level up in the original first?

2) If so: what would be a good level to start the BW questline? (I heared something around 30?)

3) I gave my CD's to a friend. Is BW a standalone or do I need to get the CD's back?

4) If I start all over again, can I choose the 2 races from BW to begin with?

5) What about other game alterations like skills... Anything new to the current classes/races when you install BW before you get to see the content?

Thats all I can think for now. Thanks a lot.
Anything else I should know about BW please tell me

Cobra the Mediocre
(id: The_Cobra_81)
posted 11-16-06 01:51 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
First, welcome!

1) Yes, you can play BW without going through the original. It's set at level 39 or so, so you'll have to use one of six premade characters that come with the game. If you want to start with your party, you'll have to import an old party about level 39 or start a new one.

2) 39, although as soon as you beat the original Mercernary campaign you'll have access to the BW campaign.

3) BW can be standalone assuming you still have the original installed on your computer. If not, you'll have to get the CDs back.

4) Yes, though there's only one new race (dwarves). There are also two new classes (Blood Assassin and Fist of Stone) which can be played from the start.

5) Some of the old skills have been nerfed to make the game a bit trickier. A combination of Nature Magic and Melee gives the new class Fist of Stone, with its own separate skill tree as well. Same goes for Blood Assassin with its own combination of Combat Magic and Ranged.

Cobra the Mediocre
SteadilY working up to Average
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posted 11-16-06 02:06 PM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
Ah cool. Thanks for the reply Cobra!
Good to know I can replay the whole game with the 2 new classes right from the start.

6) How exactly does this work tho? I know I can pick MY character as such a class but will there be premade blood assassin/FoS companions to join your quest like Taar for example? (If not, then I have to pick my main char as one of the two new classes)

7) Also, is there some site that lists all the new blood assassin/FoS skills and Dwarven attributes and such? (Gamebanshee which usually has all of that listed seems to be slacking and has no info about BW yet.)

Thanks again.

posted 11-19-06 09:30 AM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
6) There are premade FoS and BA characters that join you, once you head to the BW map and do the quests that unlock them (help them out and they'll offer to join you).

7) No doubt will have info on the new skills and attributes, although I can roll off the Dwarven attributes for you right now. Dwarves are only playable as male characters, have +3 STR and +1 INT, and begin with 1 point in Critical Strike, 1 point in Survival and 1 point in Chant of Stone. This gives them 3 starting skill points rather than 2 points and a non-skill related racial bonus.

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posted 11-23-06 06:09 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
Thanks guys.

My FoS char is currently lvl 41 and I like him a lot.

I'm just wondering though, does tremor damage work with Life leech? (From the FoS defence enchantment and in general)

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