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Official Sites

Dungeon Siege Zone site
The official site for Dungeon Siege
Gas Powered Games
The developers of Dungeon Siege, Gas Powered Games was founded in May 1998 by Chris Taylor, creator of the award-winning "Total Annihilation." Located in Kirkland, Wash., GPG is staffed by top talent and is devoted to creating immersive, cutting-edge games that push the boundaries of technology and gameplay.
Mad Doc Software
The developers of the Dungeon Siege expansion pack, Legends of Aranna.
MS Games - Dungeon Siege
Microsoft Games's Dungeon Siege site
MS Games - Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna
Microsoft Games' Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna site.

Fan Sites

DS Inside
A Taiwanese DS Fansite
Dungeon Siege Developer's Guild
Dungeon Siege developers Unite! Work with others to reate and share code, ideas, models, textures, sounds, and quests for the Dungeon Siege game. This site is the user's site of the DS Developers Guild. Developers will want to head over to the SourceForge portion of the site (dsdevguild).
Dungeon Siege Editing
A web page for Dungeon Siege up and running which has free downloads of mods, maps, and editing tools.
Dungeon Siege Forever
A French & English Dungeon Siege fansite
Dungeon Siege Net Guide
Dungeon Siege Trading Post
This site allows users to enter their items into an online database, and at the same time, allows them to search that database for items they desire.
Dungeon Siege 2 at GameAmp
Auctions, Maps, Guides, Monsters & Tips for the Dungeon Siege II community.
Dungeon Siege X
Game Banshee: Dungeon Siege
The very frist site dedicated to DS utilities.
MrFixit Online : Dungeon Siege
Over The Edge
A Dungeon Siege II Mod Development Site/Community
Planet Dungeon Siege
Puller Staff: Dungeon Siege & Dungeon Siege Legends of Aranna Fansite
A website of fans of Dungeon Siege from all over the world.
About all things involved with modding Dungeon Siege.
Home of the first annual Prism Awards, UnderSiege's goal is to be the #1 source for ratings and guides to Dungeon Siege and its accompanying Siegelets.

Fansite Submission

If you are submitting a fansite for this section, please make sure the fansite meets the following criteria:

  • The site must feature Dungeon Siege as its primary focus (i.e. it can not be merely a subsection of a larger site)
  • The site must be updated on a constant basis
  • The site must at least contain information about different aspects & features of Dungeon Siege
  • The site should not contain materials (written content, watermarked graphics, etc.) from Dungeon Siege Heaven unless the site has written permission from HeavenGames to utilize the material
  • The site must not use any graphic elements from Dungeon Siege Heaven's layout
  • The site and its staff must NOT intentionally distribute or post links to warez, cracks, trainers, or any materials that violate the copyrights of others.

If the site you are submitting meets those criteria, they will be added to the section after review. If you are submitting a non-English site, please be sure to mention which language your site is in.

Please submit your site to David at david(AT)heavengames(DOT)com. We thank you for taking the time to submit your site to our links section.

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