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Learn Skirt in 30 Days by Xaa (Jim Farris)

Scripting Spotlight - Learn Skrit in 30 Days by Xaa (Jim Farris)

Learn Skrit in 30 days by Xaa (Jim Farris)- Part 1 (Days 1 - 10) Jim Farris Has developed an entry level document for learning skrit, Dungeon Siege's Scripting language. His document covers many of the fucntions used in skrit and basic theory for would be Dungeon Siege Skrit Shovelers. Farris has split his skritting bible into 30 lessons, hence learn skrit in 30 days.

1. Introduction
This gives the basic synopsis of why a DS editor would need an understanding
of skrit. It also outlines the required knowlege you will need for the
"course", which is 2 of the begginer tutorials at the Seige University.

2.Understanding How Skrit and Gas Integrate
This lesson outlines the purpose of templates and explains how they work.
Xaa uses real Dungeon Siege examples to illustrate his points. He also give
very good breakdowns of the code so that anyone can understand it, not just
those of us with programming experience. This lesson gives the reader alot
of knowledge on how skrit is called from templates.

3.Understanding Basic Skrit Processes
This lesson outlines the basic structure that is essential to the
construction of skrit, Xaa gives the reader a great model to follow. He also
explains how controls transform from state to state, as well as outlining
basic transition statements in skrit.

4.Analyzing the Potion Problem: (Adding a timer to a potion)
By lesson 4 you are ALREADY working on actuall game scenario and WILL see
results. The wonderful thing about this is that you will trully understand
just what it is that you are doing and will be able to take a logical
aproach to implementing your own ideas! You will actaully build a skrit from
scratch. You will be taught how to sketch out the logic flow of your skrit,
and have a basic model of what it is that you must do by the end of this

5.The On GoHandleMessage$ Command and World Events in Dungeon Siege
This lesson introduces some of the basic elements in skrit. Xaa gives a very
good explination of what the The OnGoHandleMessage$ Command is, and also
gives a brief definition of all of the world events in Dungeon Siege, or
most of them.

6.Building The Startup State
The sixth lesson is step by step building of the startup state for your
skrit. This is a pretty short lesson but an important one.

7.Building the Timer - Preliminary Work and Dissecting Existing Skrits
In this lesson you look through existing skrits to get an understanding of
how the timer works in the game so that you may apply it to your potion. Xaa
also teaches you how to look through skrits and find the fuction that you
want to implement into your script. Xaa goes on to explain just what exactly
a GOID is.

8.Building State ApplyTimer$
This lesson is where you build the main state of your timer. Xaa takes you
through it step by step and makes the process very painless. The last part
of this lesson is commenting your skrit.
9.Integrating Our New Skrit with it's Template:
In this lesson you actually attach your skirt to the potion so you can begin
to see how it works.

10. Polishing our Templates and Applying the Basics of Template Structure
and Inheritance

Xaa teaches:
Applying the Basics of Template Structure and Inheritance Adding New Leaf Templates

In these 10 lessons Xaa teaches:
The basics of reading skrit components, and the basics of template format. How skrit and templates integrate with each other. The basic structure of skrits, and how to construct a simple skrit. How base templates and leaf templates structure data to be used by skrit, and the process of Inheritance of data through template structure. How to structure a skrit we plan to create through sketching the logic flow, and filling in the required components.

How to dissect existing skrits and use components or methods we find there
in skrits of our own.

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