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Siege Editor Download

The Dungeon Siege Tool Kit contains all tools you need to make your own siegelets. Key features include:

  • Assemble terrain using more than 3800 different nodes
  • Populate worlds with more than 200 different monsters and 150 NPCs
  • Script battles, ambushes, and elaborate in-game movies
  • Create lush environments with more than 1200 different objects
  • Scale, rotate, and adjust the behavior of any object in the game
  • Create lighting with a mixture of ambience, point, spot, and directional light sources
  • Enhance levels with ambient sounds and special effects
  • Create your own models using Discreet'sŪ gmaxTM software

Download the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit

BEFORE YOU INSTALL - Make sure you remove all custom mods first, or else it might cause the Siege Editor to crash. The download is compatible with both Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna.

You can download it from the following sites:


You can read and learn more about the Siege Editor in our Library section, among others a list of updates that has been made throughout the versions. We also have several message boards created specifically for map designers to exchange ideas.

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