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Dungeon Siege II: Broken World comes with two new classes, both which are so called "multiclass combinations". That means that you create a character of such a class by mixing two classes, typically one physical (melee, ranged) and one magic (combat, natural) class.

That doesn't mean that it is just a fancy name on already existing features though! The new classes will each have new spells, skills, and powers. In order to not having to switch weapons constantly to level up as much in both parts of your class, there are buff-spells that automatically splits up your experience points in both of them.

The two new classes are Blood Assassin and Fist of Stone. They both have 6 spells, about 12 skills, and four powers. They can probably also use spells and powers of their minor classes as well, to some extent, since they will surely be able to use more spells and powers than that.

Blood Assassin

The Blood Assassin is a mix between ranged combat and Combat Magic. Poisoned arrows, throwing weapons, and big explosions? Sounds deadly enough to me!

Fist of Stone

The Fist of Stone class is a mix of melee fighting and Nature Magic, which makes it sound a bit like the typical Cleric class for those who areexperienced in role-playing games. We will have wait until we have more information to see just how similar it is though.

Among the new spells and powers for this class, that ordinary Nature Mages won't be able to use, are many earth magics, which sounds like typical defensive effects suitable for melee fighters.

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