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The Execute power is a bit of an odd power as the power can not be activated unless a certain buff is casted. These buffs, called Agony Mark, Harvest Mark and Fire Mark do different types of damage once the Execute power has been triggered.

When a buff is active, the blood assassin marks his arrows with devestating magic runes. These runes will transfer to the target upon impact and will remain imprinted on the foe until the blood assassin triggers the Execute power.

Fire Mark Icon Execute Icon

When activated, the Agony Mark will deal normal magic damage, as much as you can call this method of attack 'normal'. The Harvest Mark deals Death damage and will heal the party as they damage their enemies, while the Fire Mark does fire damage and burns enemies around the target as well.

Watch Execute in action!

Three enemies 'marked' for execution
Three enemies 'marked' for execution

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