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Character Classification

Skills 1 - 4 5 - 10 11 - 19 20 - 49 50 - 99 100+
Melee Squire Solider Warrior Knight Champion Grand Champion
Ranged Bowyer Archer Marksman Sharpshooter Master Sharpshooter Grandmaster Sharpshooter
Nature Magic Apprentice Theurgist Magician Grand Mage Arch mage Supreme Arch mage
Combat Magic Savant Hedge Wizard Wizard

Sorcerer (Sorceress)

Grand Sorcerer (Grand Sorceress) Grand High Sorcerer (Grand Hige Sorceress)
Melee, Ranged Man-At-Arms (Woman-At-Arms) Skirmisher Raider Campaigner Crusader Grand Crusader
Melee, Nature Magic Friar Curate Druid Perserver Grand Preserver Supreme
Melee, Combat Magic Combatant Duelist Dragoon Warlock (Warwitch) Grand Warlock (Grand Warwitch)

Grand High Warlock (Grand High Warwitch)

Ranged, Nature Magic Scout Forester Ranger Warder (Wardess)

Arch Ward (Arch Wardess)

Supreme High Ward (Supreme High Wardess)
Ranged, Combat Magic Jager Conjurer Channeler Matross Master Matross Grandmaster Matross
Nature Magic, Combat Magic Acolyte Shaman Scholar Magus Grand Magus Grand High Magus
Melee, Ranged, Nature Magic Cavalier Marshal Paladin Templar Arch Templar Supreme Templar
Melee, Ranged, Combat Magic Mercenary Gladiator Centurion Myrmidon Warlord (Warlady) Warlord Noble (Warlady Noble)
Melee, Nature Magic, Combat Magic Initiate Mystic Sage Deacon (Deaconess) Grand Deacon (Grand Deaconess) Grand Hige Deacon (Grand High Deaconess)
Ranged, Nature Magic, Combat Magic Adept Conjurer Thaumaturgist Evoker Senior Evoker Lord Evoker (Lady Evoker)
All Skills Freelance Journeyman Adventurer Master Grand Master Grand High Seigemaster (Grand Hgh Siegemistress)

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