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The multiplayer interface in Dungeon Siege supports up to eight players at once and there are three methods of starting up a multiplayer game.

  1. Through Microsoft's Zone matchmaking interface called ZoneMatch. The match making system enables players to search and find games as easy as one, two, three. Games hosted through Zonematch allow players to receive the latest news relating to Dungeon Siege, as well as chat and create games for specific players or worlds.
  2. Through a Local Area Network (LAN)
  3. And finally, through direct IP address

The Host

Hosting a multiplayer game in Dungeon Siege is as easy as pie. As the host, you have the option to select map settings, difficulty level, number of players, password-protect the game, type of game, how items will be dropped on death, time limit, character importing, ability for players to choose starting location, restricting players to new characters, allowing players to pause the game, and allowing join in progress if the game has already commenced. Hosts also have the option to ban and boot players from his game.

There are three different difficulty levels in multiplayer.

  • Regular, which is the same difficulty as the single player campaign.
  • Veteran with a minimum character level of 54
  • Elite with a minimum character level of 83

Setting the correct difficulty level for your game is vital, it could mean the difference between a fun filled game or a disappointing game. So make sure you select the correct difficulty for your game.

The Guest

When you first join a game, check to see if the host has the import character option on. If he has it on you as the player will have the option of importing an already made character into his game. If the host does not have the option checked off, don't fret, create a new character.

Creating a new character is a cinch. Go to the "Create New Character" option and select character type (male, female, dwarf or skeleton), then decide what kind of facial features you would like the character to have; hair color, head, skin, shirt, and pants. Last but not least give it a name! Then click accept and you should be able to join the game!

Here is what Chris Taylor had to say about Dungeon Siege in Multiplayer mode in his interview at Gamespy:

Taylor told of three main multiplayer modes they were experimenting with. The first simply runs a group of players through the single-player campaign -- they can work together as cooperatively or as competitively as they see fit.

The second involves special multiplayer maps that are constructed concentrically, "like a wagon wheel." In the "hub" is the town, where characters can meet up, team up, and stock up on items. As you travel farther from the town in any direction the difficulty increases. You can group with friends or all venture forth separately to seek your fortunes.

The final mode, also known as "the short game," featured small maps and unique mission goals. "Smear the Sorcerer," for instance, has one character wielding a powerful staff while everyone else tries to smack him down and take the staff from him. Whoever holds it the longest would win. Mini-games like Capture the Flag are also in development.

Dungeon Siege will ship with at least 25 'short-game experience' maps, each providing a unique gaming experience in Dungeon Siege. You can choose to hack and slash your way through Dungeon Siege or select from one of the many 'short game experience' maps. Here's a list of the types of short game types mentioned to date but not yet finalize:

  • Deathmatch
  • Capture the flag (CTF)
  • Capture a particular item
  • Capture the castle
  • Hold a particular object for the longest duration
  • Kill the sorcerer

DS Multiplayer Game Play on MS Gaming Zone

Connecting to other DS players from around the world is not a simple task, unless you're the MS Gaming Zone, one of the world's most active match making server. Over the last several years, the MS Gaming Zone has solved many, many of the matching making problems Developers have.

You can find games such as Rogue Spear, the Age of Empires series, Spades, Bejeweled, and Star Wars: Galactic Battleground plus many many others.

The latest additional to the MS Gaming Zone is Dungeon Siege. On the MS Gaming Zone's Dungeon Siege page, players can find useful tips and strategies from the Developers of Dungeon Siege, an events calendar, links to other Dungeon Siege related sites and the latest downloads for Dungeon Siege.

To launch a game from the MS Gaming Zone, simply follow the instructions below.

How to Play
  1. At the Zone's main Dungeon Siege page, click a game room name; then click Play in the window that comes up.
  2. The game will launch and bring you to the ZoneMatch screen. Click Sign In on the menu at the upper right. Click the Create New Account button on the window that comes up. Note that you are no longer on the Zone at this point. Your Dungeon Siege username and password are separate from your Zone Name and password.
  3. To join a game, click the Game List tab at the top of the screen, click a game in the list to select it, and then click the Join Game button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. To host a game, click the Host Game button at the bottom of the screen. You can change the name of your game and can set a password if you'd like to keep your game private.

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