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What is an RPG without quests to keep a player busy? In Dungeon Siege there are numerous quests which one may embark on while on his way to vanquishing evil.

A special questing Journal keeps track of the player's quests as well as a list of all the completed ones. There's no more scribbling down phrases or notes - the questing Journal will manage all your quest information for you. This will enable you to toss away the need for tedious note-taking that is often prevalent in some other RPG games.

Here are some of the quests you will encounter in your journey through the Kingdom of Ehb.
!!Spoilers!! Highlight the text to read.

  • Seek Norick's friend Gyorn in the town of Stonebridge: Seek Norick's friend Gyorn in the town of Stonebridge by using the old path through the crypts. - Speak with Norick.
  • Clear Edgaar's Basement: Clear the Krug from Edgaar's Basement, and gather supplies for the journey to Stonebridge. - Speak Edgaar inside the second house on the road to Stonebridge
  • Deliver Gyorn's Report: Deliver Gyorn's report to the Overseer in Glacern - Speak to Gyron in Stonebridge
  • A Sister's Message: Deliver Ella's message to her sister Ada in Glacern. - Speak with Ella Riverstan on second floor in Stonebridge in Etan Roost's Inn.
  • Ordus's Axe: Secure Ordus's axe from the Northern guard tower - Speak with Ordus Jarrell. Reward - Ordus's axe
  • Clear Glitterdelve Pass: Clear the way to Glitterdelve for the Stonebridge militia. - Speak with Town Guard (exit side of Stonebridge)
  • Rescue Torg: Rescue Gloern's brother Torg from within the Dwarven mines - Speak to Gloern at the entrance to the dwarf mines. Reward - amulet
  • Report Torg's Findings: Report Torg's findings to the Overseer in Glacern. - Speak with Torg.
  • Book Return: Find the first two volumes in the Fedwyrr's Way trilogy. - Speak with Apprentice Ardun in Onoc's Magicatorium in Glacern.
  • Quest for Merik: Find Merik the Grand Mage in the Ice Caves north of Glacern. - Speak with Ibsen Yamas in Lucky Hurggis Inn in Glacern.
  • Reinforce Fortress Kroth: Travel through the Ice Caves to reinforce the Legionnaires at Fortress Kroth. - Speak with Ibsen Yamas in Lucky Hurggis Inn in Glacern.
  • Homeless Blacksmith: Kill the monsters in Orlov's basement so he can go home. - Speak with Orlovin Molten Iron Smithy in Glacern.

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