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Dungeon Siege ToolKit

Generic Here you will find resources that are not Dungeon Siege specific, but can apply to all game creation and modding.

SiegeEditor This editor is what is used to create the vast worlds of Dungeon Siege. Contains all tools you will need to lay down terrain, create elevators, and more!
Tanks A simple way to put it is that tanks store gas. That is, tank-files store data. These are the large data files of Dungeon Siege. (*.dsres and *.dsmap) Learn about how to open, edit, and mod them here.
Gas Gas is a bit like .ini files, and contains most of the data in Dungeon Siege. This is all you will need to learn to create your own items!
Skrit Skrit is the scripting language of Dungeon Siege. With a syntax much inspired of C++, with some parts taken from other programming and game scripting languages.
SiegeFX SiegeFX is the particle system used in Dungeon Siege. This is what you use to create lightning and graphical effects.
Siege Max To create models for Dungeon Siege, we can use gmax with the Siege Max plug-in.
Miscellaneous Anything that doesn't fit in the above categories.

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