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Everything that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Local Resources

File Types FAQ
A FAQ written by jedi_sithman on what the different Dungeon Siege file types are, and what each of the .dsres / .dsmap files are.

Siege University

Deep Modding: .dsdll Extensions
As good as it gets: Extend the Dungeon Siege engine with functions of your own by creating dsdll files!
Dungeon Siege Concepts and Terminology
Ever ran into some term you had no idea what it was? Chances are it is explained here.
Introduction to Dungeon Siege Architecture
Information on how objects in Dungeon Siege work. What types of objects there are, how they are defined and loaded, and how you can manipulate them.

Other Resources

DS Icon Tutorial
It's not hard to get nice looking icons that represent your new model and I have found this to be the easiest way. You wont even have to paint a single pixel (excluding two basic fill operations). Right off the bat I will warn you that this tute is based on using Photoshop, however programs such as the GIMP or Paint Shop Pro should work in a similar manner.
Modding the Dungeon Siege UI - Part 1
As you might have seen, Team Elemental is reworking the Dungeon Siege UI to accommodate a new skill system and during the process we learned quite a bit. Since I haven't seen any other tutorials on the UI out there, I thought I'd do a quick write up of what I know about it. Unfortunately, I've got a lot of constraints on my time, so I'm not going to be able to put the effort I'd like to into it. I'm hoping that the anything is better than nothing at all principle applies here.
Nivisec's Dungeon Siege Tutorials
Nivisec's tutorials focus mostly on item creation and everything on that subject.
Node Re-Texturing
I will outline the three basic styles that I have used to create new nodesets.
Short Game Tutorials
This series of tutorials includes updated source and documentation for creating 'short game' gametypes for Dungeon Siege. We use the term 'short game' to denote gametypes which can be played in a relatively short session and which are often intended for competitive multiplayer. Some examples of Short Games are Capture the Flag, Defend and Destroy, Capture and Hold, and Gremal Hunter.

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