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SiegeFX is the particle system of Dungeon Siege, and is used to create graphical effects.

Siege University

An introduction course in SiegeFX.

Other Resources

Siege FX Tutorial #1 - Getting Started
This tutorial will cover a small bit of the language used to create effects in Dungeon Siege. Siege FX. Fire from the torches on grimy dungeon walls, healing spells you cast frantically to stay alive. Even the glow on that new sword you just got from a chicken run, it's all done with Siege FX. Since I have been working with Siege FX for quite awhile now, and I thought its about time I put together a tutorial for those of you interested in it.
Siegefx Demystified
At SvS's request, I'm going to try and take a few moments and give an explanation of how the SiegeFX scripting language for Dungeon Siege works in a nutshell.

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