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SiegeMax is sort of a plug-in to gmax, Discreet'sŪ free 3D modeling program. Use it to create your own 3D-models and then export them to Dungeon Siege and add them to your worlds.

Siege University

Shows how to export a character from gmax into Dungeon Siege.
How to prepare weapons and other objcts in gmax for exporting to Dungeon Siege.
All about how to export nodes to Dungeon Siege and how to best create one.

Other Resources

gmax is the software you will use to create models for Dungeon Siege.
Gmax and Developing a Multiple Material
The following tutorial is aimed at showing you how to create a Multiple Material containing 20 sub-materials and use Multiple Material IDs to control them when applied to a single object created in Gmax. This can be a very handy way to map objects. It will allow you to adjust the properties of one sub-material without affecting any of the adjacent materials.
How to Build Nodes for Dungeon Siege
A step by step tutorial on how to create nodes in SiegeMax, then importing them into the game so that they can be used on your maps.
How to Convert Sims Meshes to DS Meshes
A step by step tutorial on how to convert meshes from The Sims to work with Dungeon Siege and show up in the game. The same process would work for any meshes you can get in 3ds format.
How to Create a Weapon from Scratch in DS
A step by step tutorial on how to create a weapon, from scratch, in SiegeMax, then importing it to the game for usage in your mods.
How to Skin Farmgirl
A step by step tutorial on how to skin the farmgirl model. The same basic methods apply to skinning any character. You learn everything from how to create the texture, to how to get it on to the model and into the game.
SiegeMax Tutorials 000 Series
An independently written series of beginners tutorials for using Siege Max to develop and use Dungeon Siege content.
A tutorial on weighting by Strider987 of the Age of Magi siegelet team.

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