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Skrit is GasPowered Games' own scripting language, and is used in Dungeon Siege. The syntax is very much inspired by C++ and the like and somewhat inspired by other programming and game scripting languages.

Siege University

This is the big one. Learn where you can use Skrit in DS, and what you can do with it.
Talk Skrits
What's a Talk Skrit you ask? Talk skrits tell an NPC what to do when the player talks to them. The skrit tells the NPC how to animate, which conversation to choose, and when to start talking. Since it is a skrit, we can also do more advanced things like delete items, give items to the player, change Boolean values, etc.

Other Resources

Learn Skrit in 30 Days
Xaa's extensive Skrit tutorial, here compiled as a downloadable Windows help file.
Lock And Key Skrit
This is a simple skrit someone requested which I figured I would post up for you. No more wiring needed. Just create a door which references this skrit instead of door_basic and plug in the scid/template name of the key which unlocks it. The key will be deleted on use.
Using Questbits to store data between multiplayer sessions.

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