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Dungeon Siege II: Broken World
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Topic Subject: stuck after a save point.
posted 11-23-06 07:12 PM EDT (US)   
Hey is anyone else having this problem. after a certain point in the game probably part 1 chapter 2 or chapter three. i came back to base camp saved my game. did the usual. sell my bounty and then left for more killing.

heres my problem. after that save when i go out to kill some more and did quests as usual etc, and i saved again. i quit coz i got tired. when i played again. i was stuck at that earlier save point at chapter 2 part 1 when i alredi finished and saved game at part 2 chapter 3. ive wasted hours playing only to go back to that save point. can someone shed some light please.

also, the inn doesnt seem to work. i cant access any of the old DS2 characters i left in the in. only the new characters and new pets i put in.


posted 11-24-06 04:14 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
I too had that first problem for a time. Interestingly enough, I started playing with another party (which worked fine). One day, I went back to the first party and the saves worked again.

Still, I too would appreciate information on this.

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