posted 06-13-07 12:01 PM EDT (US)   
Hey all, I recently purchased a copy of DS LoA, and I've been having some serious problems with it. First and foremost, when I run DS without the expansion, it won't update to 1.11 when I connect to Zonematch. When I download a manual updater, it says my version is unrecognized and the update always fails. I'm fairly sure I'm not already running 1.11, because I'm seeing bugged loot.

Also, I'm running into bugs in-game. I hit everything for 14-18 damage, regardless of what weapon I use. Monsters barely do any damage to me, even if I take off all my armor and just stand there. When I play on veteran, monsters' hit points are adjusted properly, but they do the same amount of damage as they did on regular (barely any). I'm getting pretty frustrated; has anyone else experienced this?