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Topic Subject: Isle of Utrae
posted 03-05-07 02:26 PM EDT (US)   
I have looked in the stores for Isle of Utrae but I cant find it, does any one know where I can find it & is it a pc game? Thanks in advance to anyone that answer.
posted 03-05-07 05:10 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5  
I think you're referring to the expansion pack for the original Dungeon Siege, called Legends of Aranna. It's only for PC, yes. I don't know if the stores still carry it as much, but I'm sure there's plenty of places to get it on the web.

Keep in mind that buying Legends of Aranna also gets you the original Dungeon Siege, so you don't have to buy Dungeon Siege as well.

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posted 03-06-07 10:26 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5  
Thanks for the reply, I already have Dungeon Siege, Dungeon Siege 2 & Dungeon Siege Broken World. I like the idea of easy control of the characters, does any one know of any other games out there that play similar to these?
I am hooked on games but my hands dont move to well so I need games that dont need a lot of hand movement. Thx for any advice you can give me.
posted 03-06-07 12:18 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5  
Well if you liked the Dungeon Siege series, and if you haven't played it already, the Diablo series is definitely worth a look.

I also liked very much the Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Nights games, although they are a little more involved then the others mentioned.

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posted 03-06-07 05:16 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5  
Ehm... Diablo is a click-fest.

But the other mentioned games (and Knights of the Old Republic) offer pause; so while complexer they allow for strategies to be used instead of a fast mouse-hand (which is totally NOT needed for these games)

posted 03-09-07 00:14 AM EDT (US)     5 / 5  
Erm, nowadays Diablo2 isn't such a click-fest as it used to be. You can just keep the button pressed for continuous attack.

I'm not sure what abby is looking for.
If it's about slash&hack and cool items, I'd give Diablo2 a try.
If you like Diablo, you should also have a look at Divine Divinity.
If you're after free-form exploration in a virtual fantasy world, check Morrowind (lots of mods!) and it's successor Oblivion.
If you like a mood-setting environment and entertaining quests, have a look at the Gothic I/II/III series.
There's also Final Fantasy 12, Neverwinter Nights, World of Warcraft, Restricted Area, and so on.

All the games won't require an apt mouse-hand but they're definitely distinct from DS in one way or the others.
I you enjoyed the typical Dungeon Siege feeling then get LoA and try a few siegelets, The Lands of Hyperborea is great stuff.

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