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Topic Subject: Valdis???
posted 07-21-07 09:52 AM EDT (US)   
I'm finally to Valdis, but how do you beat him?
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Valdis is remarkably easy to defeat, once you work out the strategy.

First, prepare for combat. Once you reach the Temple of Valdis, check your nature mage's spellbook and take any embrace/wrath spells out of the autocast slots. Valdis' sword attack removes buffs from any of your party that he hits with it, and if your nature mage is continually recasting those buffs their mana pools will run dry very quickly.

Secondly, look carefully at the arena where you fight Valdis. You've probably noticed that your attacks don't even scratch him, but there are Eyes of Zaramoth scattered around the outer edges of the area. Lure Valdis so that he's in line of sight of one of the eyes, hit the eye and let the blast from that take care of him (be careful, as those blasts will also hurt you). It'll take a few hits this way before you get a cutscene and you proceed onto the second part of the battle.

The second part of the battle is relatively easy, and at this point you can pause the game and put your nature magic buffs back on autocast. Valdis isn't as invulnerable as he used to be, so just unload everything you've got at him. His attacks aren't all that dangerous to you, although he has one rather annoying ability that lets him create decoy copies of himself and regenerate his health very rapidly. Land one hit on the real Valdis to interrupt his healing (the challenge is working out which one is the real one). Reduce him to 1 health to proceed to round 3.

For round 3, Valdis goes back to being invulnerable, but you've just been provided with the mother of all Eyes of Zaramoth. Use the same technique from round 1 to finish him off, grab your loot and take the portal to complete Dungeon Siege 2.

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