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The Plain of Tears
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Topic Subject: Having trouble with the Dark Wizards
posted 06-12-06 02:29 PM EDT (US)   
I'm playing on the easy mode, and have a combat mage, warrior, nature mage, and archer, no pets. All are level 40. I'm unsure how to go about beating those wizards, since I never seem to be able to move away from the attack fast enough not to get killed completely. They're armored well and everything, and I took the advice from the strategy guide (­i.txt, but to no avail. Should I start over, or can this be remedied with the 200K+ gold I've built up? Either way, I'm new to this game, so please tell me how if possible.
posted 06-13-06 05:49 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
The Dark Wizards are one of the toughest boss fights in the game, in my opinion.

One attacks with ice, one with fire, and one with death. However, you can't usually identify which uses which until you've taken one of them out and they start using their regular attacks. All the same, it's best to get your armor and resistances up as much as you can.

When the fight kicks off, their usual tactic is to summon in their beast (which is tough to see making it tough to target so don't bother trying to kill it). While the beast is in play, none of the wizards will use any other attacks, so they're very vulnerable. Focus all your attacks on one of the wizards and keep pounding him until he falls. At this point, the beast will disappear leaving you with only 2 wizards left.

If you ever notice yourself starting to take damage, or if the ground starts to glow at your feet, then move to a different location to continue attacking. You really need to move around a lot to stay alive for long enough to bring them all down.

The dark wizards also have a curse on them, System Shock. This curse can only be cast at point blank range, and repels your characters away from the wizard as well as blinding them for a short time. This curse can seriously inhibit any fighter, and can also cause serious problems for any ranger (although as the curse can only be cast at point blank range, your rangers are generally safe from it). That, plus the elemental nature of their attacks, makes Spirit Embrace a very useful buff for your nature mage to cast before you go up against them. Also, don't be stingy with your powers. Use them, and use them as soon as they recharge. If a power needs to be targeted (Detonation, Circle of Frost, Thunderous Shot etc) then pause the game for a second to target it.

One last thing - make sure that your party is in mirror mode, so that you're only attacking one wizard at once. When one wizard dies, any others that are still standing suddenly go back to full health.

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posted 06-13-06 12:56 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
follow QuickDraw's advice. plus i would add... ya can lure the 3 dark mages summon down the shaft elevator and take him out that way... have the combat mage (or any other of your characters that can) use in autocast the spell Steal Magic, as that will keep the Dark Mages from casting as bad and weakens them a great deal.. also the nature mage needs the absorption skill that way nature mage can absorb the magic and stay alive longer than any other character will... the melee dude really needs a shield to block the magic but ya already knew that.. do alot of running around and watch the cirles that form near your feet, make sure to move right or left of them, those magic spells are timed if ya watch them ya will see a pattern to them that repeats, ya can dodge them after ya get used to that pattern. and make sure ya have lots of healing potions... thats a hard battle ya may die alot but they will go down eventually so have a town portal near the elevator at all times, save yourself alot of walking back.

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posted 06-22-06 01:57 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
might want to try autocasting "infect" (assuming you can) which helped me alot. Especially later on in the game as it slows down the targets' casting rate as well. But like the other guys said, best strategy is to move around and avoid the punishment dished out by these guys and have a shield and fast power regeneration.
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