Aranna Reviews

This is our listing of all the various reviews that have been made of Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna. The most recent ones are to be found at the top, while the older ones are found at the bottom.

PC Magazine – 4.5/5

A full-fledged sequel is on the horizon, but that doesn’t mean this expansion-which includes the entire original action role-playing game-should be missed. The all-new campaign features dozens of new spells, characters, and monsters. Although the story is too linear at times, and some of the challenges seem superfluous, the game is enthralling enough to make you want to see it through to the end.

Post-Gazette – 3/?

Fantasy lovers who have never sampled “Dungeon Siege” should pick up “Aranna.” For the initiated, it’s worthwhile only if waiting for” Dungeon Siege II” is driving you batty.

Sidney Morning Herald – 4/5

Packaged with the original Dungeon Siege, this expansion pack offers hours of high adventure. Plenty of new features, but ultimately feels like more of the same.

Gigex – 2/5

Legends of Aranna is an expansion that came around too late. The high-point of the original Dungeon Siege is gone, and fans are anxiously awaiting the true sequel. While the fact that the original game is included with the expansion, and the free downloadable bonus mission, might attract new or budget minded gamers, this is a weak follow-up to an innovative game. All eyes are set for Dungeon Siege II.

Web Wombat – 80/100

While the gameplay can sometimes get tedious due to the incessant combat, the low system requirements and smooth frame rate help alleviate this and, all things considered, it’s a great way to spend a few months in front the PC, and is easily worth the price of admission.

Game Chronicles – 8.1/10

The original Dungeon Siege was a hard sell for me. It was initially spectacular and drew me into a rich and detailed world. Legends of Aranna doesn’t really change that core premise but simply offers more of the same. I commend the designers for overhauling the interface and adding plenty of cool features that I expect to see replicated in just about every other RPG to come out after this. – 3.67/5

While Dungeon Siege: Legends or Aranna is a good expansion pack to the game, it, like the original, doesn’t really add anything to the genre as a whole. It’s a good hack and slash, but there’s been countless of these style of games, right back to Gauntlet. The brief foray into the Multiplayer aspect of the game led me to the same conclusion – it’s good, it looks great and is easy to get into, but and without the fancy graphics and so on, it’s nothing but a clone of so many other games. If you’re after a few hours of mindless fun, then this game is for you, but if you’re after a little more depth, the expansion pack is not where you will find it.

ELiTeD – N/A

Really, no Dungeon Siege fan should pass this baby up. Thirty dollars for the complete refreshing of a two year old game is fantastic, and (for those who haven’t played the original) the full version is included with the expansion, as a three CD set. The single player mode is excellent, and the multiplayer community is as active and pleasant as ever, so what are you waiting for?

TechTV – 3/5

“Legends of Aranna” is a polished game, but aside from some minor improvements the game plays largely the same as the first. If you’ve already had your fill of “Dungeon Siege,” you might not care to play through this expansion. However, for those of you who haven’t played the original “Dungeon Siege,” it’s included with this expansion pack for free. This is a tremendous value. For pure monster-hacking goodness, it’s really hard to beat “Dungeon Siege.” “Legends of Aranna” will give you more of the same, and that’s all an expansion pack must do to get a passing grade. So “Dungeon Siege” fans, rejoice! Much bloodshed awaits you in Aranna.

Computer and Video Games – 78/100

If you sat down and penned a list of things you’d expect to see in the first official Dungeon Siege expansion, what would it include? New items, new creatures, new lands to explore, improved interface and a new storyline? Well, they’re all here, but the only startling thing about Legends Of Aranna is there’s nothing startling about it. It’s a no-frills extension to the original – great news if you’ve completed the main campaign.

GMR – 6/10

If you enjoyed Star Wars Episode II for its midriff shots and other such eye candy, you’ll love Legends of Aranna. This RPG is full of lush graphics and beautiful effects but completely devoid of a decent story, character development, and anything resembling depth.

GamersHell – 7.3/10

So, it took me almost fifteen hours to finish this game. Was it memorable? Not really. However, I still think Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna is a nice introduction to not so serious RPGs, because you won’t spend any time managing character stats, or pondering over the right dialogue choice in a conversation. In terms of difficulty I’d say it’s somewhere between easy and medium. There are a few fairly hard areas where good loot is stashed, but for the most part you won’t have to reload much.

New Zealand Herald – 5/5

Even if you do have the first game, Legends is worth buying, because it expands the original concept while staying faithful to the core role-playing elements and boasting the same superb graphics of its predecessor. I’d played Dungeon Siege through a couple of times and found Legends a bit samey at first. Then I noticed that the hours I’d spent playing (which are logged on the saves) had crept into double figures and I had to admit I was hooked. – 80/100

That said, it’s hard not to feel that it’s just not in the same league as the original. It’s not as big, it’s not as much fun and it’s just not as addictive. The multiplayer benefits from the ability to save your progress as you go, but it’s not quite as immediate or as satisfying as Diablo 2. It’s definitely a great game for newcomers to sink their teeth into, but for those of you out there who still own the original, feel free to knock 20 off the score.

Deaf Gamers – 8.5/10

Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna is certainly a worthy addition to the Dungeon Siege series and will keep seasoned players of the game happy until Dungeon Siege 2 finally arrives. Whilst the main plot of the game hasn’t changed, the new additions to the game, interface changes and extra spells, AI tweaks etc., are certainly most welcome. The price may seem a little steep for an expansion pack but it’s great to see that those who never played Dungeon Siege can just buy Legends of Aranna and enjoy not only the expansion but the original game as well. Personally I think the ability to play through the original Dungeon Siege with all the extras that the expansion offers is excellent and has made me want to play through the whole game again.

Videogamenews – 99/100

Deals don’t get any better than this, and Dungeon Siege on the PC is more than worth your hard earned cash. Go get it today.

Reviewgamer – 7.8/10

Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna is less of an expansion and more of a full game. Comprising of both retail version and expansion, LoA will satisfy your hunger for adventure more so than most other games. With literally tons of game play enhancements, Dungeon Siege enthusiasts will be pleased to see their prayers answered, with an expansion more entertaining than the original. Still shining in terms of graphics, this expansion is one that should not be missed. And of course, once the lengthy single player is over, there’s always an extensive multiplayer that will surely add enough replay value and give gamers a chance to play co-operatively through the campaign.

Gameguru Mania – 82/100

Overall, this is a great game. Not quite as awesome as the original when it came out, but it includes the original Dungeon Siege, plus you can play the original with all the new weapons and spells imported from the expansion. I’d say that $25 price tag isn’t much for two games. If you like the original game, you will like this one because it’s an extension of the first. If you never played the game, you should give it a try, especially when it comes with the original game.

Gamer’s Depot – 4/6

All in all, Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna is a nicely done add-on pack. With no lack of game time, the original game included, several enhancements to the interface and a host of new toys to play with and monsters to duke it out with, there’s something here that will satisfy both vets and newcomers. The graphics engine, while definitely solid, is nothing to shout about these days, but it’s still overall a good looking title with lots to offer in the fun department, and will do a wonderful job of easing the pain of waiting for Dungeon Siege 2 to hit the shelves.

Gameplanet – 4.5/5

Overall Aranna is a great expansion for an excellent game and is a must buy for Dungeon Siege fans. We still can’t believe that the original Dungeon Siege comes as part of the package. At the low price this game represents incredible value for money and is an ideal stocking stuffer this Christmas.

Gaming Illustrated – 92/100

DUNGEON SIEGE – LEGENDS OF ARRANA is a real enjoyable escape you’re your everyday life… especially if you have a boss who likes playing “box of rocks”. Here you can experience a vast realm, with excellent art and graphics, richly woven story, and the depth to keep you occupied for many days! This is like running into an old friend, and having a great time together again! It adds extra dimension to playability, and offers excellent value. If you like RPG – this is a MUST HAVE.

GameOver – 75/100

Legends of Aranna comes off as a definite mixed surprise: if you’ve never played Dungeon Siege, you may want to give Aranna a try to get two adventures in that fantasy realm. However, fans or previous owners of the game may want to hedge their purchase based on how desirous they are of limited exploration, repetitive gameplay mechanics and mild additions that could’ve been presented with a basic patch against the story of the Shadow Jumper.

Loadedinc – 8.5/10

As far as expansion go Mad Doc have done a decent job with Legends of Aranna, despite the few niggles. The game is addictive and will have you hooked for hours on end, it’s fast moving and a good length for once. The fact that the original game is also included is a huge bonus, especially for gamers who have never ventured into the Kingdom of Ehb before. If you loved the original this is a must have expansion and if you’re new to Dungeon Seige then this is an excellent time to start, there’s hours of gameplay making Legends of Aranna great value for money.

GameAxis – 8/10

This is another of those occasions where I would say to gamers that if you have played the original, you’d REALLY like the sequel. And if you haven’t played the original, you might want to get it to play this game. Dungeon Siege itself was a fine game in it’s own right, but the numerous changes made to improve overall flow of gameplay in the sequel make it kind of hard to go back to the original once you’ve seen how much more convenient it is. If you’re in the market for a Fantasy game that involves a lot mindless bashing, leveling, pretty particle effects and no angst about dying characters, saving the world, or other soap operatic narrative devices then check your brain at the door and give this game a spin. You’ll be glad you did.

The Armchair Empire – 8.4/10

Do the new items, monsters, and maps make the purchase of Legends of Aranna worth it for people that already have Dungeon Siege installed on their hard drive? No. Most of the changes read like a readme file for a patch update. A backpack (to carry more stuff), better auto-inventory, and a new attack-prone pack animal (to carry even more stuff) should have been free upgrades for the original game. But like I said before, Legends of Aranna is aimed at the first-time player – for everyone else, go download a mod.

Etoychest – 4/5

Overall Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna is a terrific game that offers a lot of gameplay for just $30. The mere fact that it includes the full original game as a pack in merits its purchase, and it guarantees numerous hours spent immersed in an addictive single player hack-and-slash nirvana. Toss in the fabulous multiplayer experience and what you have is a wonderful title that no action/role-playing zealot should be without. – 7/10

And so we’re lead to a swift conclusion and the biggest selling point of Legends of Aranna: value. Granted, it’s not revolutionary, but then nor is it anything markedly horrible. In fact, it’s simply more undeniable Dungeon Siege, love it or hate it. And, just like Diablo, Dungeon Siege appeals to a certain type of casual gamer. If you are that person, purchase this and be happy. If you are not, understand that what you see here is intentionally very much like what you saw one and a half years ago. Also understand that a $25 price tag isn’t much for two games. If you want something new and more expensive, look for Dungeon Siege 2 next year and quit crying.

ZenGamer – 6/10

This is a decent expansion pack that takes no risks and offends nobody. In the end, it is just too much of the same. Other RPG expansions add new classes (Diablo) or amazing campaigns (Baldur’s Gate). This just gives you an uglier donkey and new armor.

Game Revolution – B+

Legends of Aranna’s best selling point might be how much of a bargain it is, at least if you never bought the original game. Since it’s priced as an expansion at $30 but actually has two full games, it’s one of the best PC deals this year. So go buy yourself an early Christmas gift and get this party started.

Gamezilla – 5/5

This is a fantastic title, and should score points both for Diablo-style dungeon crawlers as well as adventure/RPG hybrid lovers. With no load time between levels, it’s also good for those with shorter attention spans. Always good to see improvement on an already excellent title, and I give this a full Highly Recommended.

GameBanshee – 6.7/10

Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna is indeed a worthwhile title for its expansion price, having the original title included along with it. The most effort has obviously been placed in the visual side of the game, but LoA expands on several other areas as well. It has a few other issues that will, sadly, never be addressed without much complaint from the community, but they can easily be ignored with the flick of a switch. It is definitely a title that is good for a good dungeon romp and stress relief due to the mindless combat, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more substance, then I would recommend you look elsewhere. Dungeon Siege to me has always appeared as a one trick pony, and in this case, the graphics are its one trick. While stunning, they aren’t enough to warrant long-term game play for the more hardcore group of RPGers.

Warcry – N/A

Bottom line, Legends of Aranna is just plain fun. It’s got an RPG-lite formula that works. With new monsters to slay, new spells, new treasure and that familiar, in your face addictive game-play, there isn’t much the player is going to be left wanting…except maybe more hours in the day!

Christ Centered Gaming Reviews – 85/100

The graphics and music of the expansion are still great. Although the game engine is starting to show its age, the characters and world are very detailed and are good to look at. The characters still reflect each change in armor and weaponry. The music and sound effects won’t disappoint either. Some of the enemies have creepy noises and the bosses verbally taunt you as you come closer to them.

Worthplaying – 8/10

The game is typical Dungeon Siege, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The game was designed to be Diablo clone and its very successful at that. I did enjoy the game, even with the clich plot and cheesy voice work, but my copy was free and not $30. If Legends of Aranna was under $20 it would be definitely worthwhile. For hitting the $30 mark, there are simply better options out there. If you already own Dungeon Siege it is unlikely you will get your moneys worth. On the flip side, if you never played the original the combination of both games for $30 is a great deal.

GameZone – 8.5/10

Legends of Aranna is a very familiar game, and that is because it does not change much of what was in place for Dungeon Siege. The storyline is really showing its age and aside from new some new features to make the game a bit more convenient (as in more storage space), this is a case of second verse same as the first. But those who liked the original title should find this an entertaining diversion. With lush graphics and combat-oriented game play, plus the fact that the expansion includes the original title, Legends is an enjoyable gaming experience.

GameSpy – 4/5

Although Dungeon Siege II is still a ways away, Legends of Aranna is almost a full-fledged sequel in its own right. Not only do you get the full original game, but you also get a new campaign with a more than respectable amount of game time, new spells, treasures, monsters, and improved interface options. It may be “only” an expansion pack, but it’s also one of the best bargains of the year.

IGN – 7/10

Dungeon Siege fans that are just looking for another land to run through in order to slaughter masses of maddened monsters will find exactly what they’re looking for. Legends of Aranna doesn’t add enough new content or new ideas to mark it as a good expansion, but doesn’t skimp enough to really call foul and give the developers the finger either.

Next Level Gaming – 65/100

If you’re a huge fan of the original game, you may enjoy seeing some new sights and continuing your adventures, but then again you also may not like the idea of repurchasing the original game to receive the expansion. If Legends of Aranna was available on its own at about $10 or $15, the extended adventure would be a pretty good deal for current Dungeon Siege fans. At $30, however, if you’re just buying it for the expansion pack, the value doesn’t quite add up to the price.

Computer Games – 81/100

Legends of Aranna is packaged on three CD’s, which contain the original DS as well, which isn’t too “inspiring” for the ones who already have DS. However, the new additions in monsters, weapons, spells and the gameplay improvements are more than enough incentive to convince you to buy this add-on and finish the game in single, or better yet, in multiplayer. And it will surely make the wait for DS2 a little more bearable.

GameSpot – 5.4/10

Put it all together, and Legends turns out to be an exercise in tedium. There are whole stretches of the game when you’re just steamrolling through monsters, smashing boxes, and then moving on to the next room so you can kill more of the same monsters and smash even more boxes. Repeat this about 20 or 30 times per chapter, and it begins to feel more like Dungeon Crawl rather than Dungeon Siege. Couple this with the game’s frustrating hardware problems, and this is an expansion that you’re better off skipping. Instead, we recommend that you wait for some of the promising mods that are being developed by the Dungeon Siege community, or you can just wait for Dungeon Siege II and hope that the next time around the gameplay will have more to offer.

ActionTrip – 86/100

Overall though, I immensely enjoyed playing this game. According to Mad Doc, the Dungeon Siege tools are quite easy to work with and offer plenty of creative freedom. They also had a lot of help from Gas Powered Games. Not only have they done the franchise proud, they have in many ways succeeded in besting the original. Good job, guys!

PC Arena – 4.5/5

All in all, I think the expansion’s worth a closer look. When it comes out, I intend to be in line with my hard-earned cash in hand. I can hardly think of a better endorsement than that. If that’s not enough, included with the expansion is the original Dungeon Siege too! Technically, this can be considered a stand alone product but we’d like to think of it as two games in one – and for a retail price of $29.90, Dungeon Siege : Legends of Aranna is an exceptional value!

Games Domain – 4/5

For those who didn’t catch Dungeon Siege the first time around, Legends of Aranna is great value as a standalone expansion that includes the original’s campaigns. The story’s not really any more involving, and the game still lacks the personality of Blizzard’s seemingly insurmountable Diablo 2, but there’s no denying its slick looks, interface and the hours of absorbing gameplay on offer. Unfortunately, there’s no rebate option for owners of the original, so its appeal is reduced somewhat… but if you put down your money with the right expectations — a solid expansion, much in the mould of the original but with a good number of added bells and whistles — you will not be disappointed.