Siegelet Projects

Circle of Lorent
The Circle of Lorent Siegelet takes place in a land just beyond the edges of Ehb. In the currently available version, your task is to complete three interrelated quests, conquer an evil invasion, and defeat a mad wizard named Hawk-Ra.

Copperhead: Retaliation

Elemental is a total conversion of the highly acclaimed game Dungeon Siege, comprised of completely unique worlds and inhabitants.

Star Wars: Crimson Dawn
A Dungeon Siege Siegelet based on the Star Wars theme.

Steel’s World

The Lands of Hyperborea
A Siegelet with a very interesting story that breaks away from Dungeon Siege’s story of the hero farmer. This Siegelet promises many elements of gameplay that we did not see in our adventures in the land of Ehb. The player can choose from two different main characters one a male and the other a female. You play the role of an escaped prisoner who was imprisoned for a crime which they did not commit.

The Ultima VI Project

Ultima V: Lazarus