We, the staff of DSHeaven are thrilled and excited to inform you that we will be featuring a spotlight on something DS-related weekly. It might be a Siegelet, mod, skin, or an incredible break-through in skriting.

Learn Skrit in 30 days by Jim ” Xaa” Farris – September 02, 2002
Jim Farris Has developed an entry level document for learning skrit, Dungeon Siege’s Scripting language. His document covers many of the fucntions used in skrit and basic theory for would be Dungeon Siege Skrit Shovelers. Farris has split his skritting bible into 30 lessons, hence learn skrit in 30 days.

Dungeon Siege Studio – July 30, 2002
What is Dungeon Siege Studio? Well according to the lead programmer of the utility Bsimer, “Dungeon Siege Studio (DSS) is an integrated development environment (IDE) for writing mods for Gas Powered Games’ hit title, Dungeon Siege. The program lets you create, manage, and edit Skrit, Gas and other project files.”

The Lands of Hyperborea – July 20, 2002
The Lands of Hyperborea is a Siegelet with a very interesting story that breaks away from Dungeon Siege’s story of the hero farmer. This Siegelet promises many elements of gameplay that we did not see in our adventures in the land of Ehb. The player can choose from two different main characters, one a male and the other a female. You play the role of an escaped prisoner who was imprisoned for a crime which you did not commit.