Here you can find the patches used to update your game to the latest version. The patches can also be obtained by logging onto ZoneMatch, in which the right patch will download automatically. If you are not sure what patch you need, this is the recommended way.

What version of the game you have installed can be read at the main menu of the game, just above the exit button. You can also check out our list of what the patches fixes.

v1.0 to v1.11.1462

This updates Dungeon Siege from v1.0 to v1.11. This is the most common version and should be downloaded by most users. If you are running v1.0, please download and install this update. (30 MB)

v1.1.1460 to v1.11.1462

This updates Dungeon Siege from v1.1 to v1.11, and is for users running version 1.1.1460. (9 MB)

If you are running an older, beta version (1.09b), it’s advised to reinstall the game, then patch from there.