Dungeon Siege II – Characters

In Dungeon Siege II your choice over what type of character you want to be is increased compared to its prequel. In the original game, you could only play singleplayer as a human character, either male or female. In multiplayer skeletons and dwarfs were available as well.

The expansion pack, Legends of Aranna, added the Half-giant to the list of characters playable in multiplayer. But Dungeon Siege II goes even further.

In Dungeon Siege II you will be able to chose your character from four different races: Humans, Dryads, Elves and Half-giants. Depending on the race you choose, you will start with different attributes and abilities. Elves make natural combat mages, for example, while a Half-Giant nature mage might pose with some difficulties.

Dungeon Siege 2 Characters


Human Bonuses

  • 2 Unspent Skill points
  • +2 Strength
  • +1 Dexterity
  • +1 Intelligence
  • +10% Chance to Find Magic Items

The humans are your ordinary kind of guys (or gals). A flexible race in DS2, humans are a jack of all trades, able to hold their own in whatever class you assign them to. They are are an aggressive and sometimes warlike race, sticking together and building massive fortresses to defend themselves. And yet, many amazing items and locations would not have been discovered, were it not for the inventiveness and curiosity of humans.


Dryad Bonuses

  • 1 Point in Natural Bond
  • 1 Point in Dodge
  • -2 Strength
  • +4 Dexterity
  • +10% Death Magic Resistance

Dryads, also known as tree-spirits, are green-skinned humanoids, associated with Hinduism and Greek mythology. Nobody knows exactly where the dryads originated from and there have been no sightings of them before the battle of Zaramoth and Azunar (and there have been no sighting of a male dryad up to this day).

Legend tells that Dryads are from their birth bonded to a tree and while they are said to be long-lived, should the tree they are bonded to die so will they. Because of that, if you want to stay on their good side, don’t harm any trees!

Even more so than humans, dryads have a tight-knit community and don’t stray far from each other. Some compare their society to packs of wolves, quarrels are common but short-lived, and a dryad’s main fighting style is to rely on her instinct. Using their close bond to nature, dryads are naturals at nature magic. They also make fine archers, as many dryads use nothing but bows to protect their homes.


Elvish Bonuses

  • 1 Point in Critical Strike
  • 1 Point in Brilliance
  • +1 Dexterity
  • +3 Intelligence
  • +5% Mana Recovery

Like the Dryads, Elves share a mythological background, albeit from northern Europe

The elves more than any other is a magical race, with many if not all elves having a basic grasp of combat magic. An elf’s biggest incentive is to learn new things, and many great breakthroughs in the magic community can be attributed to these pointy-eared creatures. Though a compassionate race, elves generally try to stick with other elves but will never hesitate to help another living being in need.


Half-Giant Bonuses

  • 2 Points in Fortitude
  • +6 Strength
  • -1 Dexterity
  • +3 Intelligence
  • +5% Health Regeneration

Half-giants should probably be seen as humans with some blood from and relation to Giants. Natural powerhouses, many stories are told of half-giants fighting insurmountable odds, taking damage that would have long killed any other creature.

While not quite as long lived as the elves, half-giants can live to hundreds of years. This feat is by part likely accomplished by a half-giants tender nature. Half-giants stay to themselves, trying to stay out of trouble, but when sufficiently angered, an half-giant is a formidable foe.

Dryad, Elf, and Human