Dungeon Siege II – Items

The Frost Bringer (sword)

The Frost Bringer
(Unique Falchion)
Normal Attack Speed
Damage: 12 to 29
Requires Melee 4
1% Chance to Block Melee Attack
Adds 4 to Health
Adds 7 to Mana
Adds 5 to Armor
Magic Damage Reduced by 6%
Adds 1 to 7 Damage
Adds 1 to Nature Magic Skill
Adds 1 to Combat Magic Skill
Adds 1 to 2 Ice Damage

Items. Weapons. Loot. Whatever you call them, a fact that you can not get away from is that they are a large part of any role-playing game, and especially of the more action-oriented ones like Dungeon Siege.

Dungeon Siege II will have much of the same various types of items as Dungeon Siege. There are normal items, of course. Magic, rare and unique items are also included. Set items were introduced in the expansion pack, Legends of Aranna, and will be coming back in Dungeon Siege II. Not to mention there is likely “extra content” for players in the increased difficulty levels Veteran and Elite. There will be more of both uniques and set items than in any earlier game in the series.

New item features include more than that though. Also added are throwing weapons for rangers, fighter staves for fighters, as well as magic cestuses for mages to wield. Not to mention plenty of armor specialized for each character class.

The armor and weapons you find will also look different depending on who it was made by. Weapons made and used by Dryads won’t look just like the ones used by the elves.

The item slots are roughly the same as you are used to in the original Dungeon Siege. There’s a slot for headgear, torso protection, gloves, boots, amulet, and four ring slots.

The weapon slot has overgone a few changes though, instead of one slot for your weapon, you now have two slots, one for each hand. In one slot you keep your main weapon, in the other you might want to put another sword if you’re a dual wielding melee character, or if you’re more the defensive type, you can place a large shield in it.

Enchanting items

This new feature to DS2 means you can make your own magic items. How this works is that there are certain template items in the game, items that don’t have any magical modifiers added to them. The better the item, the more enchantments you can put on them. If you find these items, you can enchant them yourself, provided you have the necessary magical reagents needed for the job, that is.

If you don’t have any enchantable items, most large towns have an Arcanist who may be able to help you out there. These people will sell you plants, rocks, animal parts, basically anything with any magical properties, ranging from doing extra fire damage to increasing your health regeneration to a simple fixed increase in mana. Obviously, the better the effect, the more space the reagent will take, the less other reagents you can add to the item.

Once you have the item and the reagent, you take them to a nearby enchanter, who will fuse them together for a small commission.