Dungeon Siege II – Magic

Dungeon Siege II has kept the same character classes as the original game has, and among them are the two schools of magic; Nature Magic and Combat Magic. This time though, there are further specializations within each class, and so also in the magic classes. For example, a Nature Mage might specialize in Summoning or Ice Magic, among others, and might therefore be very different in between.

Like the original game, nature magic focuses on hurting your enemy and helping your teammates. You’ll find most healing spells and buffs (performace-boosting spells) here. Combat Magic on the other hand is more about hurting and hindering your enemies.

Apart from the Nature and Combat magic classes, the spells themselves are also split into various elements. Some enemies have weaknesses to some elements, while others may be completely immune to it. It’s wise to always keep a varied spellbook for such occasions.

Spells are devided in different classes, see below:

Death: Death Magic can be found in the Combat Magic class and attacks the creatures lifeforce.

Fire: Fire Magic is also a favourite of Combat Magicians and deals with all things hot and burning. If you like spells that hit a lot of enemies at once, Fire Magic’s your class.

Lightning: A Combat Magician casting lots of Lightning spells generally don’t do as much damage per hit, but they’ll fire faster and cost less mana.

Curses: A Combat Magician specialising in cursing will weaken the enemy so that it’s easier to kill.

Ice: A Nature Magician specialising in Ice Magic can summon shards of ice out of thin air to hit the enemy with. Ice magic can also slow enemies down or freeze them instantly.

Healing: A Nature Magicians best friend are their healing spells. Ranging from a quick one time boost, to more hitpoints gradually over time, healing spells will make sure your party members stay alive.

Summoning: Though both Combat and Nature magicians can summon creatures to aid their cause, Nature Magicians will find themselves much better at it.

Buffing: Those spells designed to temporarily boost a party member’s attributes are called Buffs. A Nature Mage specialising in buffs can help parties win against even the toughest foes.

Here are a handful of spells in the game.:

Combat Magic

  • BlindBlind – Curse – The first curse a combat magician learns, and blinds the enemy, decreasing the accuracy of their attacks.
  • FireballFireball – Damage – Throws a fireball at your target, causing damage to an area and not only a single enemy.
  • JoltJolt – Damage – Attack your enemy with a quick blast of electricity.

Nature Magic

  • Earthen EmbraceEarthen Embrace – Buff – Increases maximum health and lightning resistance for all members of the party.
  • IceboltIcebolt – Damage – Throws a bolt of cold towards your enemy. At higher levels, this spell can also freeze your enemies in their tracks.
  • Summon RaptorSummon Raptor – Summoning – Summons a raptor to guard the caster.

Just as in the original game, casting spells needs mana.

You can find a list of all the spells in the game here.