Dungeon Siege II – Powers

Powers are a new feature of Dungeon Siege II, and are described by designer Daniel Achterman like this:

“Powers are especially potent abilities that your characters can use in combat, like a Final Fantasy limit break. They all do something special, and they’re unique for each class. Fighters have power attacks that can stun enemies, archers can shoot an arrow through a row of monsters, and mages can create devastating explosions that blow up everything.

You can target Powers very precisely, pinpointing exactly which enemy you want to smack or where you want that explosion centered. However, when a character uses a Power, he must spend some time recovering before he can use a Power again. He’s still free to fight, cast spells, and drink potions while he’s recovering, he just can’t use Powers.”

There are 28 powers all-in-all, each with it’s unique set of requirements. Each power also has three different levels of effectiveness.

Each power has a requirement in skill points that you have to fulfill to be able to use it. Every level of the power then requires more points into those skills.

Now the above mentioned are obviously not the only powers in existence. Here are a few of all the ones that exist:

Brutal Attack [Melee]

Though originated by Half-Giant warriors, many warriors learn this technique. Focusing all their strength into their next attack, fighters deal massive damage with a single, brutal strike.

Take Aim [Ranged]

Dryad archers conceal themselves to surprise their enemies, but their first shot reveals their position. They learn to focus their concentration and take careful aim, making the next shot as devastating as possible.

Gravity Stone [Nature Magic]

The mage summons a monolithic stone of such density that its gravitational force pulls enemy creatures toward it and holds them in place until it collapses under itself.

Energy Orb [Combat Magic]

The Elven mage Arinth could summon a ball of energy that hovered above him and shot fire at his enemies. He later perfected it, learning to weave additional types of energy into the orb.

Other powers we have heard of includes Provoke (draws enemy to you) and Invulnerability. Used together, these can give you a situation where all enemies focus on one character, who can also take it, while the others can fire away freely. All in all, Gas Powered Games has hinted that using powers in combinations can produce some truly interesting scenarios.

A display of the Detonation power.