Staff list


Title: Site Director

Currently studying at university level for a Master of Science in Information Technology, David is a 21 year old Swede who’s been with HeavenGames for some time now.

He has been a visitor to HeavenGames since the very old days of Civilization II Heaven, or HeavenWeb, as it was known back then. He has however only been a regular forum visitor since 1999, and registered 18th November that same year. David joined the HeavenGames staff list on the 14th of April 2002 as a cherub being promoted to first angel and then seraph in 2003.

David is spending most of his day in front of computers, either his own or other ones. He plays games, programs, surfs the Internet, does schoolwork and is bored in front of his computer, he got the full scale covered. His favorite game of all times will probably have to be MineSweeper. You may laugh, he is used to various reactions to that statement, but the game trains coordinate eye-to-hand movement, speed, reflexes and much more, plus of course it’s really really fun!


Title: Content Contributer

In fabled real life, shelper is known as Maurits, and is studying Information Technology at the University of The Hague.

Joining Heavengames in 2000 through Age of Kings Heaven, shelper stayed because of the community and joined the OD Core Group a few years after. He was later promoted to cherub at Dungeon Siege Heaven in 2005 where he tries to think of interesting content.