DS Heaven’s Seven Deadly FAQs

These are the questions, as we have found, that were asked a lot. We hope your question is answered here. If not, feel free to ask them in the forums.

Q: Where are my saved games / multiplayer character files stored?

They are stored under My Documents/Dungeon Siege/Saves. Saved games have a file extension of “.dssave”, and multiplayer character files have an extension of “.dsparty”.

Q: How do I take a screenshot in Dungeon Siege?

Press the PrintScreen key to take a screenshot. If you want to take a screenshot without the panels, item labels, etc. – press Shift+PrintScreen. Note that if you have character labels turned on, those labels will still appear in the screenshot. To turn them off, press the ‘ key. Your screenshots are stored in the My Documents/Dungeon Siege/Saves directory.

Q: Where do I go after the Dungeon in the Crystal Caves, and where in the world is Fortress Kroth!?

To get out of the puzzle dungeon in the Crystal Caves (this is the dungeon with the Fury’s Eye in it), you have to back track and go back the way you came in. After you are out of the dungeon, follow the stone path back out to the fork in the road, and continue on exploring (Use the overhead map to assist you in finding which path is unexplored.)

As for Fortress Kroth… we’ve been asked this a LOT. Fortress Kroth is located a little bit beyond your encounter with a NPC named “Gresh”. Don’t worry about missing the NPC – you will bump into him. If you haven’t, just move along – Fortress Kroth is still ahead of you.

Q: I want to play Dungeon Siege in 1280×1024 or higher resolution, but the game can only go up to 1024×768. Can I play DS in a higher resolution?

Yes you can. Create a shortcut to the DungeonSiege.exe file (located in the directory where you installed DS). Right-click the shortcut and choose Properties. In the Target field on the Shortcut tab, add the following at the end of the line: width=1280 height=1024.

Q: What are the ports required for DS multiplayer?

They are:
80 TCP – Autoupdate, news
2300 UDP – Zonematch service port
6073 UDP – Primary inbound/outbound port for hosting and joining games
2302-2400 UDP – Secondary inbound port
2303-2400 UDP – Secondary outbound port

Q: I have opened the ports but I still can’t connect to the ZoneMatch Server. Are there any other solutions?

Yes. Make sure ZoneAlarm (no relations to ZoneMatch or zone.com), BlackIce Defender, or any other software firewalls are either configured correctly, or temporarily disabled for the session while you play DS. However, if that doesn’t work, some Internet Service Providers (notably DSL and Cable providers) have, unfortunately, installed firewalls and/or NAT’s on their network. In which case, you should contact your ISP for help.

Q: When I try to follow the directions in Siege University 100 to open a region in the Siege Editor, no maps show up in the list.

We don’t have a solution to this one, although we suspect that Siege Editor can’t function probably without the Dungeon Siege V1.1 patch, which isn’t available at the time of this writing. We’ll update this answer as soon as GPG addresses the problem.