There are two entirely new categories of items in Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna. Sets, and imbued items. But the new items don’t stop there! There are new kinds of armor, weapons, pretty much everything, that fits into the new environment. Here we are going to look a bit closer on some of these news.

Free magic!

Among the new bonuses that are given by some items are of the style “10% chance to cast Fireshot on taking damage”. What this means is pretty straightforward, if an enemy attacks you there is a 10% chance he will be faced by a fireshot. What everyone might not know however, is that the fireshot is completely free – no mana cost. It can be a nice little addition to your regular attack, and a way for melee characters to do some damage to ranged and magic using enemies.

Set Item

Claws of Kajj


Sets consists of 3 to 5 items. Set items can be melee weapons, ranged weapons, body armor, boots, gloves, shields, rings, amulets or spellbooks. The items generally has small bonuses on their own, but if you equip more than one item from the same set, the bonuses will increase. Equip a third and they will become even better, and so on. They carry a teal background in the inventory and always carry a description not only of their current attributes but also of the attributes they will get if you add another item of their set. For a complete list of all sets that can be found in Aranna, check our Sets Reference.

Imbued Spell

Imbued spells get a purple tint

Imbued items

From what is known, spellbooks are the only items that exists in imbued forms. Imbued spellbooks gives certain bonuses to the spells placed within. One spellbook might for example make all fire spells 5% cheaper to cast, another may make all healing spells more powerful etc. Imbued items carry a purple background, and all spells in the spellbook that are affected by the bonuses also gets a purple background. Spells you can’t use yet still carry a red background though.

A backpack


Another addition to the game is backpacks. An empty backpack costs 600 gold, takes up 4 squares in an inventory, but if you open it up there are 24 squares inside of it to place other items in! These are a great way to expand your inventory, especially if you don’t acquire a packmule or a tragg. Each character can carry one backpack each, except for packmules and traggs, which can’t carry any.