Just as Dungeon Siege, Legends of Aranna gives the player plenty of quests to do. Here are some of the quests you will encounter in your journey through Aranna.

  • The First Trial: Find and slay the monsters who ambushed the caravans and threaten the town including the giant who threatens Arhok – Speak to Mayor Hardison Dhon.
  • The Trapper: Kill the Bear Outside Arhok – Speak with Kron.
  • A Giant Task: Locate the kinsmen of Najj the Half-Giant – Speak with Najj. He’ll also offer to join your team.
  • The Wizard City: Clear the wizard city Illicor of the Zaurask that are occupying it. The people in the city won’t trade with you, nor sell you pack animal or join your team, before the threat is removed – Speak with Quayhdar.
  • The Stone of Lhaoc: Find the Stone of Lhaoc, track down the Hassat who took it – Speak to Therg the Historian. Reward: The Stone of Lhaoc, an amulet giving 2+ to your melee level.