The Story

You’ve heard stories of great adventures in years gone by, of the heroes who crusaded across the Kingdom of Ehb, battling the stubborn Krug, the poisonous mucosae, and horrifying zombies. You’ve longed for adventures yourself, while spending your youth sharpening your skills in the quiet little garrison town of Arhok.

Piecing together a strange story from an old tattered journal, you discover that your mother and father were also heroes, known for adventures throughout the continent of Aranna. The journal sends you on a journey to the mysterious Island of Utrae, a place brimming with thousands of years of history. Here you’ll encounter strange primordial creatures such as the magically gifted Utraeans, the saurian Zaurask, and the feline Hassat – each of which have long been at each others’ throats.

Where will your adventures take you? And where does it begin? As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step…