We’ve got a list of all armor in the game in case you’re interested in checking if there exists anything better.

Thick, bulky and ug-a-ly…not the case with Dungeon Siege! GPG has taken the time to create unique looking armor so that characters within the game look appealing. It is the little touches here and there that they have added which makes Dungeon Siege stand out apart from many of the games that are available on the market.

Helms, caps, gauntlets, gloves, greaves, boots, robes, leather, plate and shields are some of the items available to assist you on your journey. The armor that you can pick up along the way may contain magical enhancements that would increase your skills and/or attributes.

Armor can come in many shapes, forms and sizes. They can consist of various materials such as cloth, leather, chain and plate. Within the school of Nature magic, there is a Magic Armor spell, which takes the form of magical energy that surrounds the target, adding one to armor. So when the topic of armor is brought about, remember that it does not always have to be materialistic or worn as an item.

No longer will characters look like fashion disasters. GPG has done a remarkable job with armor that players will WANT to wear.