Friend or foe?

Since the dawn of time, the forces of good and evil have battled against each other for ultimate supremacy. And in Dungeon Siege there is no difference. Farm folks have been called upon to do battle with some of the 100 enemy types planned in the game. Their quest — to rid all evil that has invaded the Kingdom of Ehb.

Can this be for real, smart AI?

The designers have done a remarkable job giving the monster and creatures you’ll meet in a combat a realistic AI. For instance, a spell caster will stay in the back and unleash spells upon your party until they run out of mana, at which point they may draw a weapon and join the melee. If a single creature detects your party, it will notify several of its companions (if they’re close by), or it will retreat, drawing you into their mob. Little things like this will keep you immersed in the gameworld and give you a real feeling that you’re fighting other intelligent beings.

Other interesting tidbits about some of the creatures in Dungeon Siege:

  • Creatures as large as half the screen
  • Creatures may attack in formation
  • Creatures may attack from air, land and water
  • Creatures may use a variety of melee, range and/or magical spells
  • Creatures retreat and wait in hiding
  • Creatures may resurrect other creatures that you had killed moments earlier

Here’s a sampling of some the creatures you’ll encounter in Dungeon Siege.

The Phrak Family

These little Phraks are annoying! They hover around the player till they drive him to a state of insanity. The Phrak is the melee attacker of the family, while the Piercer and Ballista are both ranged attackers. You cannot hide from these Phraks till you’ve annihilated them; they follow you everywhere, even into a dungeon.

Phrak Piercer Phrak Phrak Ballista

The Krug Family

The Krug family is the largest family in Dungeon Siege. The Krug Scout, Scavenger and Grunt along with their big-wigs Futank, Brankar and Trainer are some of the first (and last if you don’t watch it) creatures that you will wage combat with in the game. Their relatives the Krug Apprentice, Shaman and Huskar the Shaman are all ranged magic attackers.

They even have a cute little pup — no it isn’t Toto — the Krug Dog!

Krug Scout Krug Grunt Fuank the Trainer Krug Dog Huskar the Shaman

The Skeleton Family

Fallen warriors of ancient times, they rise again to fight against the forces of mankind. Some of the undead creatures you will encounter lurking in doorways of dungeons are the Skeleton, Skeleton Guard and Skeleton Captain who are all melee attackers. The range representative of the family is the Skeleton Archer. The Archer will pluck away at its enemy with continuous arrows until it has been destroyed.

Skeleton Skeleton Archer Skeleton Captain

The Gargoyle Family

With their grotesque figures, the gargoyles have been called upon to aid the forces of evil. The simplest of these creatures is the Gargoyle. The Gargoyle engages in melee combat with its enemies, while the Jade Gargoyle and Ruby Gargoyle are both ranged attackers.

The Jade Gargoyle is the first “pet” that combat mages are able to summon in Dungeon Siege.

Gargoyle Jade Gargoyle Ruby Gargoyle

The Arachnoid Family

a·rach·no·pho·bi·a – n. An abnormal fear of spiders.

Many people have a fear of these 8 legged creatures, and if your one of those adventurers who dislikes spiders, you’ll get your fix in one of the dungeons in Dungeon Siege.

Spiders come in many shapes and forms thanks to the folks at GPG. From the tiny Yellow spiders who swarm en masse to the human-hybrid variety of Mucosas, there is more than enough diversity in the different types you’ll meet.

Yellow Spider Arakun Spider Black Skrubb Dark Mucosa

The Corpse Family

What once was is now again. They return to the world of the living to fight anyone brave enough to venture into their dungeon. The various corpses you will meet in Dungeon Siege take on many creepy and disgusting forms. While they may be slow, their touch is deadly. Blowing them to bits is usually the best way to deal with these undead creatures.

Ancient Corpse Walking Corpse Tortured Corpse

Miscellaneous creatures

Giant Moth Snapper Scorpion
Rock Beast Furok Darkling Dark Claw
Mine Worm Horrid Braak Mage
Giant Rat Wolf Rector Pixie

Creatures of the unknown

What we have revealed to you is only a small sampling of what you can expect from Dungeon Siege so be on the alert for many more creatures. You may never live to see your journey to the end if you are not attentive. Be aware. Evil has infested the Kingdom of Ehb.