Death with a Smile

It upsets me when I, or members of my party die in any multiplayer game. In most RPG games, death is a way to penalize the players in one way or another. Penalties can come in a few forms, statistical, attributes reductions, and/or leveling points are subtracted. Sometimes an item found within the player’s character is taken away as well. That’s how a “common” RPG usually deals with death in a game.

Now we move to Dungeon Siege. Does Dungeon Siege deal with death the same was as other RPGs? HELL NO!! Dungeon Siege doesn’t penalize players for dieing, but simply displays a creative death message whenever your character decides to “take a dirt nap”.

Below is a list of some of the death messages you will see when a character has fallen. We can now greet death with smile.

  • Farmgirl has passed from this world to the next.
  • Farmgirl has fallen.
  • Farmgirl has kicked the bucket.
  • Farmgirl’s life has been snuffed.
  • Farmgirl greets death warmly.
  • Farmgirl has decided to stop living for a few.
  • Farmgirl would probably love to be resurrected.
  • Farmgirl is pushing up daisies.
  • Farmgirl has met her maker.
  • Farmgirl has bit the big one.
  • Farmgirl took a dirt nap.
  • Farmgirl has fallen in battle.
  • Farmgirl died honorably.
  • Farmgirl has temporarily stepped out of this life.
  • Farmgirl has been vanquished.
  • Farmgirl bought the farmhouse.
  • Farmgirl has drawn her last breath.
  • Farmgirl was cut down in her prime.
  • Farmgirl has been extinguished.
  • Farmgirl was mercilessly slaughtered.
  • Farmgirl was sent packing.