4/16/2002 Editor’s Note: Our Weapon & Armor lists will be ready soon – we re working on them right now.

Is that weapon just for show, or can I use it?

Ordus’s Axe

One of the most enjoyable parts of RPGs is checking out all the new items and equipping your characters with the best equipment money can buy. There’s nothing more fun than finding a unique enchanted sword or bow and Dungeon Siege will give the player plenty of opportunities to find unique and rare items. One of the things they’ve striven to do is make any weapon that a monster wields during battle available to the player when the monster is dead. So if you see a creature fighting with a huge sword or fiery spear, that weapon will almost always be available for the player to loot after the battle. This is a very cool and realistic feature. I know I find it quite amusing how in most RPGs currently on the market you can fight somebody wielding a long sword in battle, and then find nothing on their body after the battle is over.

The color wheel

As with all RPGs the thrill of finding a unique and rare item is breath taking.

In dungeon siege there are 5 classes of items. Items dropped by monsters or found in crates are labeled with either a white, blue, purple, yellow, or brown tag.

White-tagged items are ordinary items that will aid you in your quest. No bonuses or magical enchantments have been added to them.

Blue-tagged items are magical items. They have extra-added bonuses to them. Perhaps + 1 to melee or +12 to health, possibilities are limitless.

Purple-tagged items belong to the unique items family. These items are just as difficult to come by as the yellow tagged rare items.

Yellow-tagged items are what we all crave for; it is the tag that will make players jump out of their seats. THE RARE TAG! Yellow-tagged items are rare and are very difficult to come upon, if you find one keep it!

Finally, Brown-tagged items are what we called “trade-off” bonuses – You get a bonus in exchange for something else. For example, + 1 Strength, but – 1 Dexterity.

Off to the jewelers!

Goldsniffer’s Amulet

In Dungeon Siege there are four rings and one amulet/necklace slot. Rings which are dropped or found in crates can either be magical, adding bonus to your stats, or non magical. All amulets presently found have been magical ones.

Mind if I have a sip of that?

Dungeon Siege will introduce the wonderful method of sipping potions. No more will you have to waste a full healing potion when you’re only slightly injured, now you’ll just sip as much as you need to regain full health and the rest of the potion will remain in the bottle for later use. The same works with mana potions. To consolidate the contents of partial bottles, you can pour the contents of one bottle into another and free up space in your inventory.

Managing your inventory

Tired of wasting time sorting out the all those cool items to make room for new ones? Viola! GPG has an answer for the tedious inventory sorting work as well. With the press of one key, your inventory can now be sorted to make room for more. Not enough room still? Hire a packmule to aid you on your journey.

Picking up all the little items you find in the hopes of something good can be one of the most tedious tasks in the world. Here’s what Chris Taylor has to say about the way GPG has handled this.

From an interview with “For the inventory we have implemented several methods to pickup and manipulate items. For example, you can right-click on an item to have your selected character walk over and pick it up. You can also drag the item onto the character you want to grab the item. OR you can drag select a bunch of items that are lying on the ground and then drag the whole enchilada onto a character. Our philosophy is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get the results they want and to use the interface method that is most intuitive to them. You can also re-position the onscreen UI elements any way you like and you can re-configure that hot keys any way you want also.”