Magical Delights

In Dungeon Siege there are two schools of magic: Nature Magic and Combat Magic. As with every other skill in Dungeon Siege, the more you use magic the better you’ll get at it and you’ll be able to learn the more powerful spells. Lower level spells will also increase in power as your skill rises. Combat Magic obviously deals with offensive spells meant to damage your enemies. Nature Magic deals with defensive and beneficial spells to aid your party. Below is a highlight of some of the spells you’ll encounter when you first venture into the game. For the full list of spells – especially the powerful ones – visit our spells reference.

Combat Magic:

Acid Cloud:
Acidic gas surrounds and debilitates the Enemy
Acid Gas:
A small cloud of acidic gas descends over the Target, damaging Enemies caught within
Burn Body:
Reduces an enemy’s corpse to ashes
Battle Healing:
Restores up to 68 health for a single party member
Explosive Powder:
The caster summons a magical charge and hurls it at the enemy
A small ball of fire is hurled at the enemy
Multiple fireshots fan out from the caster’s hands
Leech of Life:
Tears 18 health from the enemy, and gives it to the caster
Rip Mana:
Tears 10 mana from the enemy, and gives it to the caster
Adds one to minimum melee damage. Adds 1 to maximum at the expense of health
Raises the corpse of a fallen comrade. Mana cost dependant on the power of the target
Soul Lance:
Launches a slow arching magical lance, which pierces to the very soul of the enemy
Summon Jade Gargoyle:
Summons a JadeGargoyle to guard the caster
Summon Skeleton:
Summons a skeleton to guard the caster
Summon Wraith:
The Wraith, one of the most powerful creatures able to be summoned, will guard and protect his master at all costs. Created from mana, he must return to mana after a certain amount of time has passed
Casting Weaken will rot the muscles of the enemy, reducing their ability to be effective in battle by lowering the damage they can inflict with melee attacks.

Nature Magic:

Charged Fist:
Raises the maximum melee damage of the caster by -7.
Dancing Sparks:
Small globes of energy spread out to the target. Damages all enemies they come in contact with
Forces a single enemy to flee from the caster. Mana cost dependant on the power of target.
Super-charges the air around the target, exploding in a flash of destructive light. Damages all surrounding enemies.
Healing Hands:
Restores up to 31 health of the party member. Mana cost dependant on the power of the target.
Hold Creature:
Roots a single enemy in place. Mana cost dependant on the power of the target.
Ice Shard:
A jagged shard of ice arcs towards the enemy.
Magic Armor:
A shell of magical energy surrounds the target, adding one to armor.
Iron Fist:
One of many spells that is beneficial to your party, casting Iron Fist upon a member of your party will raise the target’s strength, boosting their health and allowing them to deal more devastating blows in melee combat.
Resurrects a fallen party member.
Resurrect Scroll:
Grants the power to raise the dead, can only be used once.
Fires two globes of electricity that will track to the enemy
Summon Killer Gremal:
Summons a killer gremal to guard the caster.
Object on the ground can be transformed to gold, with some value lost in the process. Potions and spells cannot be transmuted.
Releases a small bolt of energy at the enemy.

All spells require a certain amount of mana to cast. Your mana slowly recharges over time, but to speed up the process you can drink a mana potion or cast one of the mana regeneration spells. As you gain new skill levels, your mana will also be partially recharged and if you gain skill levels in magic your maximum mana level will increase.

A note about summoned creatures: While there are a variety of summoned creatures in both combat and nature magic, you can only have one summoned creature at any given time. Summoned creatures’ main goal is to guard you, and they’re autonomous. They will follow you and guard you against any enemies, but you can’t select the creature and command it as though it was another member of your party. You also can’t cast any buffs on the creature, but you can cast healing spells on the creature.

I wanna cast a spell on you

Each spell that you find or buy is placed in your inventory. Before you can cast a particular spell you must first equip the spell in your Spell Book. A Spell Book can contain up to 12 spells. You can have multiple Spell Books in your inventory, but you can’t equip more than one at a time. If you decide a spell is no longer worthwhile (or you want a different one for a particular battle), you can remove it easily from your Spell Book and add a different one in its place. To actually cast a spell, you just select the one you want from one of the two spell combat boxes (or select a user assigned hotkeys), then click on the enemy you want to cast it at.

For quick access to the remaining spells in your Spell Book, click on one of the two spell combat boxes and a drop down menu will appear. Spells that are highlighted in red indicate that your skill level is not sufficient to cast it yet.