Why a mule?

Why a mule? Why not? Since all RPG players create “mule” characters, characters used to store rare/unique items but hardly ever used for game play, hence the pack mule.

Pack mules enable players to carry as much as three times of what a game character would be able to carry. Mules can be hired at certain points within in the game; once they are hired they become part of your party of eight characters

Still not enough storage space? Hire another, another and another. Players can hire up to 7 pack mules in Dungeon Siege.

Here’s what the official site had to say about pack mules.

From dungeonsiege.com : “Bringing one or more Packmules into your party allows your group of adventurers to be more battle ready by holding three times a single character’s inventory for extra equipment, potions, looted weapons and armor, and scrolls. A Packmule will wisely remove itself from a battle scene but will fight by kicking with its hind legs if cornered. A Packmule increases your party’s effectiveness and allows you to keep pushing further into dangerous territory as you seek to rid the land of the evil that has besieged the Kingdom of Ehb.”