What is an RPG without quests to keep a player busy? In Dungeon Siege there are numerous quests which one may embark on while on his way to vanquishing evil.

A special questing Journal keeps track of the player’s quests as well as a list of all the completed ones. There’s no more scribbling down phrases or notes – the questing Journal will manage all your quest information for you. This will enable you to toss away the need for tedious note-taking that is often prevalent in some other RPG games.

Here are some of the quests you will encounter in your journey through the Kingdom of Ehb.

  • Seek Norick’s friend Gyorn in the town of Stonebridge: Seek Norick’s friend Gyorn in the town of Stonebridge by using the old path through the crypts. – Speak with Norick.
  • Clear Edgaar’s Basement: Clear the Krug from Edgaar’s Basement, and gather supplies for the journey to Stonebridge. – Speak Edgaar inside the second house on the road to Stonebridge
  • Deliver Gyorn’s Report: Deliver Gyorn’s report to the Overseer in Glacern – Speak to Gyron in Stonebridge
  • A Sister’s Message: Deliver Ella’s message to her sister Ada in Glacern. – Speak with Ella Riverstan on second floor in Stonebridge in Etan Roost’s Inn.
  • Ordus’s Axe: Secure Ordus’s axe from the Northern guard tower – Speak with Ordus Jarrell. Reward – Ordus’s axe
  • Clear Glitterdelve Pass: Clear the way to Glitterdelve for the Stonebridge militia. – Speak with Town Guard (exit side of Stonebridge)
  • Rescue Torg: Rescue Gloern’s brother Torg from within the Dwarven mines – Speak to Gloern at the entrance to the dwarf mines. Reward – amulet
  • Report Torg’s Findings: Report Torg’s findings to the Overseer in Glacern. – Speak with Torg.
  • Book Return: Find the first two volumes in the Fedwyrr’s Way trilogy. – Speak with Apprentice Ardun in Onoc’s Magicatorium in Glacern.
  • Quest for Merik: Find Merik the Grand Mage in the Ice Caves north of Glacern. – Speak with Ibsen Yamas in Lucky Hurggis Inn in Glacern.
  • Reinforce Fortress Kroth: Travel through the Ice Caves to reinforce the Legionnaires at Fortress Kroth. – Speak with Ibsen Yamas in Lucky Hurggis Inn in Glacern.
  • Homeless Blacksmith: Kill the monsters in Orlov’s basement so he can go home. – Speak with Orlovin Molten Iron Smithy in Glacern.