Siege Engine

Imagine a continuous game world without loading screens, where characters can waltz seamlessly between indoor and outdoor environments without ever seeing a loading screen. Imagine a game world where the AI is just as human-like as the players. Imagine a game world where players can create their own worlds, characters, weapons, and spells.

These dreams can now be turned into reality, courtesy of GPG and their revolutionary Siege Engine.

In addition to all this, the engine enables players to experience things such as fog, shadows, particle effects, AI that retreats and advances, games that can be saved whenever and wherever players wish, and most of all, player created worlds and modifications.

Quiet on the set! Lights…camera…action!

Up, down, left, or right no matter which way you view it, Dungeon Siege is visually stunning.

The game camera in Dungeon Siege is one of the friendliest on the market. You can easily zoom with the mouse wheel to get close-up to the game or out to view it from a distance. Moving the mouse up or down to the edge of the sides of the game tilts the camera so that the game can be viewed downwards or upwards at the game. Moving the mouse to the left and right edges of the game will rotate the camera around in 360 degrees.

If you prefer not to use the mouse for your camera controller, you can map your camera controls to the keyboard for easier management.

GPG also created the camera control so that obstructions become transparent automatically as you wonder near them.