Take this! And that! Aiiya! Some of the weapons players will encounter in Dungeon Siege come in the form of melee and ranged. Melee weapons include axes, hammers, maces, swords, and staves. Also, players can expect to find a wide variety of ranged weapons such as short and long bows, crossbows as well as Goblin mini-guns, flamethrowers, and lightning guns.

Weapons can be obtained in numerous ways; they can be dropped from creatures, found in chests/crates or bought in many of the K-Mart superstores in the Kingdom of Ehb (OK, there are no K-Marts in the Kingdom of Ehb, but there are smiths and shops). All weapons have the possibility of increasing your character’s attributes. Remember all items dropped or found are labeled with either a white, blue or yellow tag to distinguish them as a regular, magical or rare item drop.

When characters are equipped with any weapon, expect a huge display of fireworks to go off. The animation and artwork for each and every individual weapon is utterly breath taking!