Maps & Walkthroughs

  • Utraean Peninsula Path Map Updated May 15th, 2002
    A map that shows the paths between towns. May 15, 2002: Added directions to the two towers in the Great Northern Forest, and fixed the paths for the Ancient Crypts.
  • Pit of Despair Nov 22nd, 2003
    A small guide with overhead maps to the pit of despair.
  • Chicken Level Walkthrough
    A guide on how to get to the secret Chicken Level on the Utraean Peninsula.
  • Disco Level Walkthrough
    The disco level is a secret area of the Isle of Utrae, the new map in the expansion pack. Here you can find out how to get there.
  • Dungeon siege 2 Secret Level Walkthrough
    Dungeon Siege 2’s secret level is not for the faint of heart, beware ye adventurers who click this link.
  • Greilyn Jungle Map
    This is a zip file containing 6 maps of various parts of the Greilyn Jungle. Legend and instructions are within.
  • Azunite Desert Map
    A zip file with 4 maps of the Azunite Desert. Like the Greilyn Jungle, legend and instructions are in the zip file.
  • AmanLu Map
    A zip file with maps of AmanLu city and its surroundings.
  • Snowbrook Map
    Like the previous three, this file contains the maps of Snowbrook Haven and the areas around it.