Secret Chicken Level Mini-Primer

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  1. Introduction
  2. Chicken Preparation
  3. Step by Step
  4. ph4t l3wtz!
  5. Conclusion

I. Introduction

I’ll try to keep this short and simple. One of the great things about games these days are easter eggs. GPG (Gas Powered Games) has included a funny one in Dungeon Siege… The Secret Chicken Level! Read on if you don’t care about spoiling the nice riddle you get after beating the multiplayer 8 townstones quest.

You receive the riddle after collecting the 8 stones and placing them on the Hiroth circle. The gate to another dungeon will open, and in the very first room the book ‘Trial Of Gallus’ is on the ground. It says the following:

“Climb to the sky on the sunbaked mesa
Give to the moon with the treble stones
Place down the eye of the crystal temple
Gift of the steel from a virgin hand
The final piece within your grasp
A leap of faith convenes his trial.”

This riddle leads to the Secret Chicken Level on the multiplayer map.

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II. Chicken Preparation

You need to get 3 items to enter the Secret Chicken Level. First you will need a friend willing to host a game for you. Start up a newbie character in the single player game, and immediately save. Import that character into multiplayer and have him join your friend’s game. Drop the starting noob ‘knife’ that your level 0 character is equipped with. Next you need to play a game on the ‘Kingdom of Ehb’ map. Start in Jeriah’s Trading Post. In the cave of the ‘Crystal Caverns’ there is a hidden shrine mini-dungeon. It consists of many rooms where you have to drop something on pressure plates to hold them down and open doors. At the end there is a chest that contains the item ‘Fury’s Eye’. The last item you need is the book ‘Trial Of Gallus’. As stated above, beat the multiplayer 8 townstones quest to pick this up off the ground in the Majin dungeon.

III. Step by Step

  1. Now that you have the three items, the newbie knife, fury eye, and the trial of gallus book, start/join a multiplayer game on the map ‘Utraean Peninsula’. Choose the town of Quillrabe to start in.
  2. Climb all the way down to the bottom of the village, by the weapons shop. You should be heading in the East direction. At the bottom, you should see the exit out of the town, and a river.
  3. Once you exit the town it will say that you entered the ‘Quillrabe Canyons’. Follow the river to the North until you hit that zone wall. Now head East hugging the North zone wall. After a few screens you will come to a signpost pointing to Crystwind and Quillrabe, as well as a Legionnaire Guard.
  4. Next to him should be an elevator platform switch. Hit it to bring it down, and ride it up. After riding up, hug the North wall again but this time go West. You will pass by a sign pointing to town and then immediately after another elevator. Ride it up.
  5. Now head northwest a screen or two, and you will come across some mobs including a Green Drake. Directly behind him will be a wall. If you have the Trial Of Gallus book in your inventory, part of the wall will slide away and reveal a new area. Step through.
  6. It will say that you have entered the Forgotten Mesa. There are no mobs here, so just head straight North. You will have to use three elevator platforms before you get to the top.
  7. At the top there will be three large gray pressure plates on the ground, before a circle teleporter. Go on the first and drop the Fury’s Eye. Then on the next drop the newbie knife. On the third drop the Trial Of Gallus book. All three items will turn to dust and the teleporter circle can now be used.
  8. Hit the switch on the circle platform. It will rise up until it stops seemingly in the middle of the air. However you will see a piece of mesa land on the same plane as you to one side. If you move your mouse cursor between that and the circle platform, you will see it become the sword (which means action is possible). Do the Indiana Jones thing and walk across the invisible bridge. Welcome to the Trial Of Gallus area!
  9. Follow the path north until you come upon a little marble building with another elevator inside. Ride that down. Head up the path a little bit more and you will finally get to the Secret Chicken Level Dungeon!
  10. The secret level is a few rooms with oversized chickens inside, as well as a Chris Taylor mini-chicken-boss. After you beat all of them, a wooden door by the boss chicken will become magically unsealed. You enter here for the last boss of the multiplayer map, Colonel Norick.

Note: With two players on ‘regular’ and ‘easy’ level, the chickens have 7000 HP, Chris Taylor has 12000 HP, and Norick has 35000 HP. With four players on ‘veteran’ and ‘normal’ level, the chickens had ~17,000 HP, Chris Taylor had ~26,000 HP, and Norick has ~76,000 HP. Also each chicken is named after a person who worked on the game, a sort of credit like thing for the game.

IV. ph4t l3wtz!

The Secret Chicken Level has uber ph4t l3wtz. Every chicken that you slaughter has the chance of dropping Uniques, Rares, and Magical Items, as well as large piles of gold and high level magic spells. Almost always the chicken will drop at least one of each type of equipment (yellow, purple, and blue). The Chris Taylor chicken drops awesome stuff as well, with the best magical properties and enhancements.

Colonel Norick drops the ‘Chicken Gun’, the ultimate long range weapon. Its stats are as follows:

Chicken Gun
Faster Attack Speed
Two Handed Weapon
Damage: 200-350
Range: 10 Meters
25 STR & DEX Requirement

Since you lost all three items upon opening the dungeon, it is best to do this on Elite level. This ensures that the drops will be of the utmost highest quality. I suggest doing this on elite with your hacked up +drdeath characters, as it is VERY difficult. The elite lewt equipment’s stat requirement levels are around 60-70, so it is possible to still wear them on your high level normal characters.

Getting the needed items takes alot of time though, so it might not be as time efficient as reloading elite games and harvesting the lewt in the ruins near Grescal. (4 chests with 1-2 uniques every time!)

However, if you plan on raiding the chickens often, you should probably take the time to DUPE the 3 items needed onto a mule type character that you can load up anytime.

V. Conclusion

I would like to thank everyone who helped contribute to the solving of the riddle. All my gamer buddies at Purdue University as well as the forum members of Dungeon Siege Heaven.

Also I would like to thank Gas Powered Games and Microsoft =P for making the game possible. A wonderful new standard to the HacknSlash RPG-Lite gaming genre.

Of course a big thanks to for their wonderful service to the gaming community! Thanks we all appreciate your hard work!

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-GQwu (Michael Wu)