Fan Art

If you’ve created, drawn or written (e.g. images, stories, poems) something in relation to Dungeon Siege we’d love to add it to our collection of DS fan art.

Dungeon Siege & Legends of Aranna

Here’s a poem written by Adam Biros, Slovakia:

<<Adventures on the continent of Aranna>>
Oh, I know an incredibly beautiful game.
It is called Dungeon Siege - since I started to play,
the world I knew before will never be the same.
One humble farmer have to help in any way,
'cause the Kingdom is attacked by the Krug and more
and if there is any problem with evil hell,
the Hero will solve it by using the claymore
or the bow, the crossbow or the powerful spell.
Thanks to Chris Taylor and the whole Gas Powered Games
including Sarah Boulian, her cockatiel pet,
'cause I love these parrots (I also have one, yes!).
I commend this game if you didn't played it yet.
Greetings to all the people who like Dungeon Siege.
Next time you'll insert Disk 1 to CD-ROM drive
do not forget my small poem my esteemed liege
and e-mail me at pullerstaff(AT)gmail(DOT)com. Bye!

Dungeon Siege II & Broken World